Sweet Tea - California Breed video premiere...

  • CALIFORNIA BREED, featuring GLENN HUGHES (Vocals, Bass), ANDREW WATT (Guitar, Vocals) and JASON BONHAM (Drums), had their song, Sweet Tea, from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, California Breed, released in May via Frontiers Records, receive it's world premiere, thanks to USA TODAY, where you can also find a Q&A with GLENN HUGHES.

  • Oh yeah man!! We've got music!!

    Been coming back here from time to time just waiting. Been a tough wait but knew that it would happen eventually when all the pieces fell in place.

    Can't wait to hear the rest and even more see the band live many times.

    I've got a feeling it could be epic!! As always I'll be getting it out there to those who give a damn about great music.

    Good times! These are the days!

    Hope to see lots of you on the tour.


  • Older forum members might recall a nice thread about "the groove." You know how do you define why some songs get you? Well the answer was of course that you can't. Some songs just Feel good. This one feels good. We all have our ups and downs in life. I am going through a not so good phase with one thing and another. Yet songs like this (and Glenn has done this for me over the years) pick me up like nothing else does - even Everton winning :) In the groove. Goodnight all x

  • :D I've been watching the Video "sweet tea" now for the third time and i wanna say that i am really impressed. Not by the song on its own, a typical Rockn'Roll single, but by the way it has been done.

    Of course at first you hear the Led Zeppelin vibe, obviously the wonderful Jason Bonham drums, and added the dirty guitar played a lil sloppy by new Kid Mr. Watt, and second thought is Missus Tina Turner is somewhere in the room with her Nightbush city blues.
    Needless to say Glenn Hughes let us hear his dangerous voice one more time at his best, reminds me a bit to "man in the middle".
    And the bass sound, wow.. f..g beautiful, super heard in the mix and organic with the drums.
    The burner is when the song begins to fly with starting the Chorus :claphands :claphands :claphands

    I for myself wait for the other songs, i have an idea there will be this time nomore purple vibes on it, no organ this time, ok.
    And don't forget the artwork is classy!

    sunny greets

  • I like how Glenn moves in the video haha
    What else can I say? This song is an addiction.... I can't stop!

    "My lack of FAITH has no SHAME"

  • This past Sunday, April 20th, 2014 legendary British BBC Radio TV and radio presenter, Bob Harris, played "Sweet Tea" from California Breed, on his weekly Sunday show :thumbup:

    Great to hear Bob get behind this album :cool1:


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