Philip Sayce

  • An evening listening to his music ( a 'new' artist to me ---- my loss) and I find this on youtube (sounds not great)
    [ame='']Philip Sayce Rhythm and Truth & Scars - YouTube[/ame]
    I reckon the intro guy has got potential though ;)

  • Hey Ben i cant believe you havent heard of him before. He's been in Classic Rock several times as part of "the need breed" of hot young blues players.

  • wow wow .. are we speaking about Philip Sayce... ? :thumbup: :thumbup:

    really amazing guitarist.. when Glenn is looking for a guitarist for his new project I secretly ho^pe it would be Philip..

    Anyways I meet him a lot of times.. so kind and generous man... :thumbup:

    I'm also the webmaster of the Philip Sayce French Blog :

    have fun on it ! :)

  • I think he's had a track or two on Classic Rock's free cds that go with the mag.

    I really like his style.

    Scott McKeon was another young player who impressed when supporting Glenn a few years ago and although he hasn't hit the "big time" he's played with major names - he opened for Joey Bananas at the Royal Albert Hall - and recorded some fantastic stuff. Well worth seeing live or buying an album or two.

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