Introducing California Breed

  • Chad Smith's non appearances with chickenfoot is a bit different as he had the RHCP album to record and they were the probably the biggest band in the world at the time.

    Jason's lack of commitment stinks to my mind. He tweeted months ago about playing shows with CB and how excited he was. Did he really think they would be headlining arenas and charging the kind of prices Joey Bananas does or BCC did. That just wasnt realistic. I understand he's a working musician etc and thats why he plays with Heart then straight into shows with Hagar. those are big names doing big shows making big money. it would interesting to know how much he rakes in with his Led Zep Experience stuff trading on his family name rather than anything he actually wrote or played on.

    Glenn doesnt need to work again but he does cos he loves the live buzz and playing his songs to appreciative fans. We can all dream that this time next year it'll be Slash as the support for Cal Breed but it ain't gonna happen. What stands Glenn apart from plenty of other 'legends' (and drummers for hire) is the fact that he is fully prepared to work his ass off playing smaller venues or supporting bigger names so that the masses get to hear his music. That to me shows what a class act he is and why he is so respected.

    Maybe Jason just thought Russia in November wouldnt be as nice as sitting by the pool at his home in Florida :rolleyes: :mad: :confused:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • ..what also sets Glenn apart Wolfy, is his desire to keep creating and changing, not resting on his laurels. Of necessity, that means a band will have to get their heads down and 'work the circuit' to get the word out. Just sad more than anything that Jason couldn't commit to that.

  • This is all unfortunate, and one wonders what "professional commitments" Jason might have had that would trump the one he made to the new band he had just founded with Glenn and Andrew.

    If it's all about the money, well, at the end of the day Bonham has to do what he has to do I guess, but it's really too bad; his "bow out" for the tour certainly won't help the band any, that's for sure...

  • Yeah I laugh at his "bullied" comment. It was always the plan to tour. Err and what are these other commitments he has, yes touring!
    And needing the money? It's difficult to comment on that.

    I don't know, although afterglow and california breed albums have been well received, and I've enjoyed them, I do wonder whether Glenn would have been better off proceeding with the solo album/band that he was doing before Kevin Shirley persuaded him to do BCC and afterglow instead.

    It seems like ages since we've seen Glenn live properly in the UK.

  • Hi,
    somehow I saw this coming...but I was surprised it came already now. But good thing is that they found Joey and show will go on. Cancellation of the tour would have been a disaster.

    I wish when supporting Alter Bridge and Slash they play the whole album live - when they need extra songs I hope they select old Trapeze ones and some Andrew's songs. There is no reason to do any Zeppelin anymore :)

    ...and I'd really like to believe that they will do another California Breed album with Joey on drums! Perhaps iTunes/download EP of live songs in between could create nice bridge between MKI and MKII.

    ...and next year they have to do proper European tour - Scandinavia included!

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • Man it just never ends!

    I'm still at a loss at how you go from this band is my baby, my number one to this?!?!

    I guess perhaps that was true until a better deal came along. People have to do what they feel is the right thing. I get that. But man Jason if this is how it went down, you really turned the screw on these guys who were supposed to be dear friends. Going out on a support tour making little $$ is a part of starting something new like this. You said you were committed.

    Glenn, we will see you in Lancaster and likely at the Starland in NJ. Keep the dream alive. Maybe Joey will appreciate what a chance he has here.

    We're pulling for you my friend!

  • I think JB done . You don't take a break then say this :

    Bonham is currently touring the US with Sammy Hagar and he's been involved in tentative rehearsals with Phil Collins. The son of Led Zeppelin icon John Bonham says via Facebook: "I love those guys - but it wasn't going to work out for me. I will support them as I love the band I helped create, and Joey is great. Good luck, guys."

  • Oh I don't think there's any question that he's done with the band.

    My guess is he dropped the bombshell and it was met with anger which would be perfectly reasonable in this case after everything they went through and all of the talk of this being the dream band etc.

    I'm pretty sure the tone was hey if you can't tour then don't be in the band at all. Again a reasonable thought and response given the circumstances.

    This scenario would explain the "I wasn't going to be bullied into touring comment".

    His attitude was then likely %$*& fine then I'm done with the whole thing!!

    Make no mistake, there is bad blood here. You can just feel it. These things aren't said if there weren't. I wasn't there and I have no inside info but I think my take on it makes sense given the facts we do have.

    The sad thing here is that unlike Joe, Jason led us and presumably the band to believe he was all in. He apparently never really was.

    I'm a little surprised by Glenn's silence on the matter but then sometimes that is the best policy. I'm sure he wants to forge ahead with a positive vibe.

  • I guess people with the initials JB just don't like touring with Glenn!! ;) :lol: :confused:

    :thumbup: ;) :lol:

    The best comment I've read so far is on Bonham's FB site:


    Forming another band and not following through with the needed tour so you can instead tour with someone else is going to firmly place you into the "hired gun" category. It would have made much more sense to tour with California Breed than it does to tour with Sammy Hagar.


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • So Glenn won't be touring with Another JB, Jurgen Blackmore, soon either :D

    Glenn did the right thing,replace Bonham real quick, post a cool pic of the new band. suit up, shut up and show up and focus on the upcoming tour.

    Reminds me what Gillan said when Blackmore left. "If the banjo player is leaving the party, it is no reason to end the party' :claphands

  • Glenn did the right thing,replace Bonham real quick, post a cool pic of the new band. suit up, shut up and show up and focus on the upcoming tour.

    I think this is what drives Glenn on. Maybe not such a bad motto for the new band... ;)

  • I just think it's much better to build the brand Glenn Hughes up again, rather than these projects that keep falling apart. Time goes by quickly and suddenly 3-4 years have passed. Better then to work with players who are going to be loyal and committed, eg JJ Marsh, and build things up from the ground again, even if it means returning to the small clubs briefly in the beginning. With the amount of exposure Glenn's had in Classic Rock etc following his involvment with BCC, I don't think the Cali Breed name necessarily draws any more people in than a GH billed show would do.

    Just my 2 cents. Here's to a return to GH solo (with JJ Marsh)!

    Daniel, I agree with you. But maybe I am not being fair, because I like GH solo over California Breed. I'd much prefer to see Glenn and his band playing in a small club rather than an arena show with California Breed as supporters

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