Introducing California Breed

  • What a great video, the sound of the band is awesome and gels perfectly, as some one who has little knowledge of Andrew Watt, his guitar sound is perfectly suited to Glenn's voice.
    Big problem though is I have now got to wait two months for the album and even longer for the tour. California breed will be stunning live.

  • Sweet tea: basic open sound, very powerfull. You can hear all instruments very good. Glenn's bass with the Orange amps sounds fantastic. I like the SG sound of Angus ;) sorry Andrew's guitar.

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  • Good point about the Orange stack Willem! Not sure if he used them in the studio- but I love them! I have an Orange Isobaric 4x10, wouldn't swap it for the world.

    Having listened to 'Sweet Tea' repeatedly, I can hear a bit of the 'Nutbush City Limits' DNA in the riff - no bad thing - a bit of edgy early 70's vibe never did anyone any harm!

  • Pretty transparent that On Joe B's message board there is a ton of hate aimed at Glenn and his new band .

    Pretty transparent to me that there are rave reviews coming from everywhere for Cali Breed except from the Bonamassa crowd.

    And pretty telling that there are no Joe B threads here to be found.

  • haters gonna hate- no stopping it-there is always gonna be hate-it just depends on how much you pay attention to it

  • There is a thread over there about the band and the word is mixed. Some are definitely stoked about it and some don't even want to hear it.

    Its certainly not all hate. Just as I don't think everyone here has hate for Joe. It just went down the way it did and its a shame but now we have something new and the excitement is high.

    I do believe that they will much more be able to put some time into touring and that is what is going to make a huge difference.

  • Pretty transparent that On Joe B's message board there is a ton of hate aimed at Glenn and his new band .

    Yep, even during the BCC period, Joe's fans got quite aggressive. Seems that Little Joe not only needs those silly "street teams" to become more popular but also a great deal of protection.

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  • You can't knock Joes business model- but I do think he was over sensitive to being called out on the touring issues.

    On the other hand Glenn recognises that BCC was always only going to be a project for Joe as stated at the onset by Joe. A simple misunderstanding that got blown way out of context.

    Anyway we now have Cali Breed and in time there might be some one off BCC shows in the future, let's hope anyway! there must be a reason they kept the name?????

  • The band's recent first ever on air interview is broadcast across the USA for the very first time, beginning on Friday, March 28th, 2014 at 8:00PM PT.

    Interviewed by Nikki Sixx and airing on Sixx Sense, it will also be featured on their 'The Side Show Countdown' show over the weekend too!

    You can use these links to find a station near you...

    It will no doubt show up on their website for worldwide streaming soon afterwards too...

  • Hope to catch it, because I don't live in US and it seems they're very jelaous of their material haha
    Would be GREAT if I can hear it because of you and your work David, as I did with Eddie's interview. So... I'll try.

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  • i left work early today to avoid the M6 problems and as usual had Planet Rock on the DAB radio in the car.

    Midnight Oil came on around 4.30pm. First time i've heard it in full and turned the volume up ;)

    I really like this track. Jason's really working hard on this one. Glenn's vox have some "treatment" but overall the track really grooves along. Great guitar work and Bonham finishes the whole thing with a blitz reminiscent of his father :thumbup:

    i can see why Classic Rock like this one.

    Only annoying thing was Darren Redick mentioned GH, JB and then said "great work by new young hot shot guitarist whose name i cant remember" :( :rolleyes: :mad: :confused:

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  • Midnight Oil is a killer track , great to have some female BV's and I like the effects on Glenn's voice. All three are playing great. Andrews influence is all over this track. I love his style its retro but fresh at the same time. Its hard to believe he also plays with Bieber and Cody Simpson !! and has anyone checked out " Pink Cashmere" his project with DJ Tanner, a very talented young man.

    I hope this band lasts and reaches the highs it deserves. Oh and some great production from Dave Cobb.

    Finally, looking forward to David's review of the album, which must be coming soon ???? ;)

  • Stone Temple Pilots after all?

    ..."a side-project" - with the guys from STP - that's not the same as joining STP :rolleyes: ;)

    In fact, the STP guys got the live show bug and so the project fizzled out... it might pick-up again some time in the future, but for now, California Breed is the number one priority.

    These days, there is no need to have just one thing going on... it's certainly good to have choices, instead of a one-trick pony ;)

  • Hey, what happened to the Glenn Hughes solo record? Apparently he's been working on it for a couple of years now. Anything written? Recorded? On the back burner? It seems that out of the tree projects discussed for the past 2 years, only one materialized.

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