Introducing California Breed

  • I've been a fan of Glenn since Seventh Star and Phenomena. Since then I've back-bought him through Trapeze and Purple, Hughes/Thrall and all his solo albums (some of which really are excellent).

    I admit that I grew a little weary of him a few years back when he seemed too concerned with self-promotion (and arguably still is). One time I saw him in London between almost every track he kept saying, "Go out and tell all your friends about me. Tell them I'm a great guy with a lotta soul." Like a door-to-door salesman. Then with BCC, it was like Brer Rabbit saying "don't throw me into the briar patch"... "Whatever you say, don't say I'm in a SUPERGROUP. I'm not in a SUPERGROUP, honest"

    To be frank when BCC came out I couldn't believe I was hearing the same album as everyone else. I found it dull, predictable and "heard it all before". Rock by the numbers hampered by folk moments. BCC 2 was equally tepid but, in all fairness, matters picked up by BCC 3.

    The soap opera was unattractive with Hughes and Joe airing all their dirty linen in public. It was with zero suprise then that Hughes wasted no time in annoucing another (whatever you do, don't call it SUPER) group. Only this time the cynic in me thought, "They've found a young guy who's hungry and who they can push around." And it was asking for trouble to start mentioning Hendrix in PR



    California Breed has blown me away. It's real music, it's come from a genuine place and for all it's callbacks it feels fresh and forward looking. Great vocal performance (just remember his age, people, and look at what's happened to Paul Stanley). Solid playing. Okay, the mix is a bit hard to listen to (noise etc.) But what really works is the songwriting and arranging. This is where the album totally kicks ass. And some great female backing vocals to freshen it up. I just love the QOTSA vibe on "Strong". Some of the sonic choices are exciting, unexpected and well nigh perfect.

    So now my Top 5 Hughes Peaks (in no particular order are):

    1. KLF - What Time Is Love
    2. Hughes Thrall
    3. Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
    4. Glenn Hughes - From Now On
    5. California Breed

    I bought this album feeling so jaded and it's been spinning in my player ever since. California Breed really is that good and arguably the best original grouping he has ever been in.

    Glenn, this is the real deal. Do not f**k this up. Let's all enjoy the ride.

    PS: already looking forward to the 'difficult' second album.

    PPS: look forward to see you headline in the UK. I'll be damned before I pay any money to see Slash... even if he does come from Stoke.

    PPS: Shout out to Andrew and Jason too for their great writing and arranging!

  • my first message in the forum... a great new album and when they came in europe and france ?( not an easy country for them) with a proper tour and headline

  • new dude from san francisco - i grew up with the music of glenn hughes and pat thrall. i just saw the california breed videos the other day - whoo!!!!

    :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • So, I'm planning a trip over from Spain to Bergamo in Italy to see Cali Breed live in November (not a cheap deal) and I go on the website, and suddenly there's this other dude stood next to Glenn, and the band is Watt/Hughes/Bonham:studio, and Watt/Hughes/other guy: live. That's just wrong. I want THE rhythm section. It's their first tour, can't we have the actual line-up, or is that just reserved for the heady heights of L.A. and New York? Can we confirm whether this guy will now be fulfilling ALL CB live dates? This is a big deal! Not a happy bunny :(

  • Not good, not good at all.

    The silence from Glenn Hughes on this is deafening.

    Perhaps he should just tour under his name only since keeping an intact band together for the purpose of touring is damn near impossible.

    This truly waters down the whole California Breed experience.

  • I think it's time to give a call to JJ Marsh and Thomas Broman. Find some stability again with people who are not going to jump ship. Release a really strong album, then start touring it. Simply billed as Glenn Hughes.

  • If he's out for good, I really feel for Glenn....this needed to be solid and hit the ground running after BCC...rumours are counterproductive, I think we need a clear statement. Gutted, to be honest.

  • Just read where Jason said he wasn't going to tour for zero dollars, he's got bills to pay and wasn't going to be bullied into touring.

    Claims he loves Glenn and Andrew,

  • I just think it's much better to build the brand Glenn Hughes up again, rather than these projects that keep falling apart. Time goes by quickly and suddenly 3-4 years have passed. Better then to work with players who are going to be loyal and committed, eg JJ Marsh, and build things up from the ground again, even if it means returning to the small clubs briefly in the beginning. With the amount of exposure Glenn's had in Classic Rock etc following his involvment with BCC, I don't think the Cali Breed name necessarily draws any more people in than a GH billed show would do.

    Just my 2 cents. Here's to a return to GH solo (with JJ Marsh)!

  • Well, I'll still be laying my euros out to go to Bergamo I guess, to support Glenn. I'm not familiar with the QOTSA drummer, only know them with Grohl on the skins. But in essence, as someone has said previously, this is a GH show now, in terms of draw. I can't help but feel it is a huge blow for a new band barely out of the blocks, especially with the build-up prior to the album's recording and release. I don't understand why Jason isn't doing it. We all have bills to pay man, I make zilch working with my metal band, touring our album. I make more playing other people's stuff, but personal pride, y'know? Just making the album and moving on these days isn't going to cut it.

    I agree - rebrand the Glenn Hughes solo name - with a loyal band.

  • I always thought it was strange releasing the album, and then no confirmed tour for months. Then it's as a support act/special guest, and now no Jason Bonham. It all seems very strange, and well, disappointing.

  • For professional musicians with management in place i would thought that it was understood what would be required to get a new band off the ground.

    Was it not Jason who nearly derailed BCC over money at its inseption? I find it hard to understand these issues were not dealt with upfront.

    Jason s earning expectation from this band have clearly not been met. Shame but lets get behind Glenn, Andrew and now Joey.:claphands

  • Maybe it is true what Jason is saying.
    Glenn is financially pretty secure with Purple royalties.
    Andrew Watt's got nothing to loose as he's a young dude.
    Not sure about Jason, but apparently he needs the money. I saw some youtube clips of him with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson and couldn't help thinking Bonham suits them way better. At the same time he'd get Hagar in a Montrose/Zeppelin/Van Halen groove. Hagar lost the plot with his latest Friends album, becoming a harder version of Jimmy Buffett :huh:

    I'm sure you don't rake in a hell lot of money from being a support act, but supporting Alter Bridge and Slash does give you the right exposure with the right audience. Haven't heard the new drummer yet, but his credentials look very good. I think it's a change for the better. It's all about the songs, THE voice, the crunchy guitars and some loud drums :thumbup:

  • Can we confirm whether this guy will now be fulfilling ALL CB live dates?

    ...from the press release, news outlets etc, etc:


    CALIFORNIA BREED members Glenn Hughes and Andrew Watt have chosen JOEY CASTILLO (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal) to play drums for the band for all upcoming dates when it became clear that Jason Bonham's professional commitments would prevent him from being able to tour with the group. As Glenn Hughes says “We’re just excited to play live, to tour, to be in front of and with our fans. We’re very proud of our debut record and we can’t wait to share it, live and loud, with you.

  • I think folks have a right to be upset at Bonham. Unlike Bonamassa, whose intent was to always treat BCC as a side project, Bonham treated BCC and Cali Breed as a band he was integral in as opposed to a hired hand which he always was.

    Now, when apparently he realized there may be more cash in touring with Phil Collins or Hagar, he has resorted to losing his artistic integrity and did an about face and spit in the face of Hughes and Watt whom he promised to tour with and has resorted to be "the hired hand" once again.

    I hope in the future bands will be leery of hiring him as he does not seem to be trusted.

    I do get the "I have bills to be paid" thing, but he knew they were building up a name brand from the ground up and then he just flipped the script and bolted.

  • There are words bandied about from Jason that he 'loves Glenn & Andrew', clearly not enough, because, as you say Selly, it's a total about-face from him. Of course we don't really know the behind-the-scenes machinations, but it doesn't look good. I'm a professional musician who can, and does earn more money when I play with a 'semi-name' shall we say, than when I gig with my own recording band. But I put the time and effort into the latter, because it has to be built up and I get pleasure from performing MY stuff. Jason clearly heads for the almighty dollar at the expense of that. Frankly, I don't really understand why. Someone suggested earlier in the thread that Andrew Watt can deal with a smaller paycheque because he's the new kid, fair enough, I get that, and Glenn has a successful back catalogue which I'm sure pays the bills, but surely, the son of one quarter of the biggest band ever to walk the planet, isn't short of a shilling for the gas meter, is he?

    I feel for Glenn here. He had serious surgery, put together a band that had the capability to eclipse the demise of BCC, and the scheduling gap between album release and touring and the loss of a very important third of the band (and I mean no disrespect to Joey Castillo) could have a huge impact. I worry that we won't see another CB album.

  • Foot , that is, has done it before. Chad Smith recording album, Kenny Aronoff for the live dates. Some drummers are in higher demand than others. See what Jason does if Phil collins decides he doesn't have the 'mojo' after all to come back. Glad the band is called California Breed and not Bonham :thumbup:

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