Ghost Flame Cascades by Sigurd Kross

  • :cool: Hi everyone here on board, a happy new year and some really awesome rockn'roll moments.

    Some riffs and rolls with my new B.C. Rich draco i wanna share with you!!

    Hope you enjoy the stuff!
    [ame='']Sigurd Kross Ghost Flame Cascades - YouTube[/ame]


  • :) hey friends, thanx alot for response!
    Blue, the pickup is a passive Rockfield "fat ass" with only one volume knob.
    On full delivery you get a screaming tone, bit of a fixed wah effect.
    On half way it is like a breathing paf style, good singing, good attacks and lower it tends to a singlecoil. A lot fun!


  • Great sound ! Now you have me all pumped to see Reb Beach later this month ! :guitarmet

    He'll play with Winger - but, I'm strictly going to see Reb ! Otherwise, I would where a Beavis and Butthead tshirt :lol:
    Ohh - that would be cruel !

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