Misc Paul Crook stuff

  • Bits and pieces about Paul Crook (Anthrax) and collaboration with Glenn.

    Paul has co-written a song with Glenn Hughes called It Feels Like Home. The song will be included on Glenn's new album due in August. They've been sharing some music and both are really stoked about working together! Also he's working on his own solo record, which he hopes will include a track featuring some guest vocalists - John Bush (Anthrax/Armored Saint), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and Glenn Hughes sharing vocals duties.

    And what does Paul have to say about Glenn:

    Classic rock at its finest. He has such a GIGANTIC voice and is a great bass player. I am VERY, VERY excited about working with this man. I still freak out when he calls me on the phone. Do yourself a favor - get a copy of the '74 Cal Jam tape - listen to Mr. Hughes sing with David Coverdale on BURN. Mind blowing!

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