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    Conversely, when Glenn Hughes replaced me in 1973, we became friends and I invited him and [Gillan’s replacement] David Coverdale to sing on my first solo album a year later. Glenn is much more of an R&B/funk player than I am, a very talented man with an amazing voice.

    Roger Glover about Glenn in an interview for Bass Player October 2013.



    This year we’re touring Europe and Russia with the new CD, and we’ll be hitting the U.S. early next year.

    As Gillan mentioned this in another interview too, some of you here have something to look forward to.


  • :cool: the Bass Player interview with Roger Glover is very informative, shows a wide range of purple topics, thanx Lioness.

    The zen archer thing is just a wonderful way to describe the improvisation on high level.
    If five guys on stage or in studio got that state of mind than really good things can happen.
    It's just the old jazz philosophy, composing while playing without thinking.
    I like very much the kind of using musically influences like Glover tells when he's writing so many purple music.
    He did a lot on "In Rock" and also on "Machine Head" of course. Interesting, that the bass mixing on "Machine Head" changed into a more louder sound.
    "In Rock" was in between the 60ties and 70ties, totally in your face, distorted and rough, a class of its own.

    When Glenn replaced Roger Glover in DP they became friends, how cool is that !
    It must have been a very difficult time for Glover, another surprising detail of the purple history. Great!

    And the bass sound on half of the songs on "Now What" is realized with a P-bass from Ezrin , well i was wondering a bit thinking he played his Vigier all the time.
    "Body Line" i guess is done with the P-bass? And "Apres Vous",
    which is my favourite on the album at moment ? :thumbup:


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