New Band... soon

  • maybe there is room for DS he finishes his tour with Joe by the time they go to record in Nashville. Andrew Watt is a better fit for GH that Joe ever was. listen to chameleon by AW it could have been written by Glenn.

    AW maybe less well known to us older fans but Cody Simpson and bieber fans will all know him!!! this band has great potientail bring it on... :claphands

  • Tony Iommi Seems far up busy with Black Sabbath and is recovering from major illness so not up to the touring Glenn wants to do.

    Yes, Tony said that he will need treatment on a regular basis. So his health will be his main concern in the future.
    (If you want to see Tony, go to the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. on April 26 ;) )

    Andrew Watt has far better showman qualities than Joe ever had. It should be fun watching him and Glenn on stage together :thumbup: It's the fun on stage that makes all the difference, not necessarily a great name or perfection!

    Ball NYC 2011 - Andrew Watt does Rebel Rebel (david bowie cover) - YouTube[/ame]

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  • Looking forward to Watt/GH/Bonham although it would have been cool to see what GH/Kotzen/Bonham could have come up with too ;) Kotzen has such a knack for melodies and can channel Coverdale CTTB era too. Plus he is a devil on guitar. Hard to beat that combo.

    Regardless, I think the trio format is the right way to go.

  • Why so secret???????? What's the use of this blah blah blah. But big name or no big name, I don't give a **** as long as it is good music: Glenn Hughes' Trapeze (sorry Chuck, but this trio could do a lot of good Trapeze stuff) ( also new edition songs, I hope ) ;)

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  • Well...this is the second half of BCC....remember when Van Hagar split and Sammy and Mike went on tour as Other Half? Joe and Derek already visited Finland, now it is Glenn's and Jason's turn...

    Album may be very good....but somehow the thrill is gone...and I'm being my normal negative self...:)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • Hey David,

    Where's the pic of Glenn in rehearsal? :confused: Your post is blank! :(

    Do I need a special pair of GH glasses to see it? :D

    I heard Watt & I hope the stuff the band is writing isn't too much

    like his stuff! He's ok, but doesn't blow me away! We'll see. I know

    if GH is in the band, it will still be good! :bow:


  • Was never advertised as sessions only, was spoken of as if it was going to be some major release.
    A shame as we all were greatly anticipating the new music.

    Advertised etc? Those are your words :)

    Until an official announcement is made about something, it's just another project/session/collaboration etc, that may or may not go somewhere.

    Meanwhile, there should be news of new music soon, but we'll all know for sure when we read the official announcement :p :)

  • Well i'm not going to be pedantic David, but the postings form yourself and Glenn did nothing but imply that we would be seeing these sessions officially released.

    Maybe we should all pay less attention to what is said as we are often left disappointed.

  • So it looks like that secret project we have been waiting for, since last year is now dead in the water. That is a great pity as Glenn seemed really enthusiastic about it and there were plenty of heavy hints that it would be something special.

    Let's hope the new project/band is the real deal and we see some new music and Glenn on tour in 2014, I am getting withdrawal symptoms and need some new funky rock music.

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