New Band... soon

  • Jerklund, I believe the band members are GH/Bonham/Andrew Watt. GH just confirmed the new band is a trio on FB.

    I wonder if GH will be sharing vocals a la BCC or not?

    Also, I wonder if it's Nick Raskulinecz who will be producing them in Nashville...

  • Sounds fantastic, this will be orginal and fresh, AW is an amazing talent and will complment Glenn really well, the three of them are all great singers so the vocals should be amazing. Grovvy Rock ! hope the sign to a label that supports them fully and has just one manager !!!!!!

  • JB and AW aren't unexpected, so I still wonder who that big and unexpected name might be. And why was Glenn posting an old photo with Toni Iommi today? I mean, Toni is still touring with Black Sabbath (gonna see him next year) but I think he will at least have a guest role on the new cd which I think would be great! :cool:

  • My guess the new band members are

    Tony Iommi
    Glenn Hughes
    Jason Bonham

    Tony Iommi ??? no I can't believe this.. and for one reason.. Glenn doesn't want only to make an studio album.. he wants touring with his new band.. and how Tony could do that with his Black Sabbath's tour :huh: :huh:

  • My guess the new band members are

    Tony Iommi
    Glenn Hughes
    Jason Bonham

    I can't really see that because Tony Iommi is touring until June 2014 with Black Sabbath, still promoting "13" and they are doing pretty well with their live shows.
    But I could imagine Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt as the main band project with some additional guest musicians like Tony Iommi and others for releasing their first CD. Would be a great start to become known.
    And touring? Well, Andrew seems to play guitar and keyboards pretty well but it would be hard to play them on stage at the same time ;)
    So they might need additional guest musicians for touring as well but the main band could still be them three. (The unexpected could be some fantastic guest musicians, no?)

  • I am sure that the new album will be good! :thumbup:

    But I really don't understand all the secrecy if the band only consists

    of Glenn, Jason & Watt! :confused: Watt is pretty much a no name guy!

    I doubt that hardly anybody would've even heard of him if Glenn wasn't

    working with him! If Norum, Sykes or Iommi were involved, then I would

    understand! :D

  • I thought that it had been a reasonably open secret who would be in Glenn's new band,there were posts 2or3 months ago suggesting the involvement of Bonham and Watt. I very much doubt that any other superstars are involved and Tony Iommi Seems far to busy with Black Sabbath and is recovering from major illness so not up to the touring Glenn wants to do.

    What puzzles me was the talk this time last year about a major project with a big name in the world of classic rock and tracks being recorded. This seems to have been put on hold for reasons unknown and I am interested to get confirmation that this will eventually see the light of day and is entirely separate to Glenn's new power trio.

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