Pat Thrall - Eddie Van Halen - Pat Travers

  • Ah yes.
    I just bought Crash and Burn on CD.
    What a great,great album
    Wasn't it produced by the same guy who produced Tommy Bolin's Private Eyes :bouncer:

  • Yes Ad you are correct. Dennis Mackay co-produced each Artist respectively. The album Crash and Burn propelled the Pat Travers Band into headlining status in the United States, but unfortunately was the last recorded work to feature the popular line-up of Aldridge, Cowling, Thrall and Travers. It earned gold record status initially but with the it being reissued on CD it achieved platinum record status. Tommy Bolin's Private Eyes was the second solo album by Tommy but again, as with the Travers' lineup it was unfortunately Tommy's last album. He died sadly at 25 years old of a drug overdose while on his album's promotional tour with Jeff Beck.

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