Pat Travers - July 29th 2013 interview

  • PT talking about his new album CAN DO , that I like alot (I know all his work and not all his work I like)…at-travers-band

    Myglobalmind: You then went on to work with several musical legends over your career,eg Pat Thrall,Nicko Mc Brain and Tommy Aldridge. Any funny or interesting stories from those experiences?

    Pat: Yeah I actually just did some work with Nicko recently,back in February. He also lives in Florida,and was involved with a charity event.We played with our old bassist Maurice Cowling and we did a set together which was awesome. Nicko is always such a fun guy,we have nothing but fun when we play and work together.I haven’t seen Tommy Aldridge in four or five years now because we just don’t bump into each other.Pat Thrall is in Last Vegas, hes like a producer and studio engineer at the Palms Hotel studios.He has a pretty prestigious job there. I am actually going to see him next week, hopefully we will come up with a funny story at the time and I will have to get back to you.”

  • Thanks for this article, I'm new here and I'm really glad I stumbled on this site. Wow what a pleasure.

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