Happy Birthday Tommy Bolin

  • Happy Birthday Tommy!! We all wish you were here with us...making great music!! You will live forever in our hearts!! We love you!! :rose: :rose: :rose:

    Here is one great shot of Tommy and Glenn!

  • :cool: Yes happy birthday Tommy Bolin!
    What a guitargod he was, every note from him was burning, intense, always with the groove, outstanding.
    He was an incredible just in the moment composer.

    Some guitarplayers sound like brassplayers when playing an electric overdrive, so Gilmour, also Bonamassa, some are violin or violoncello players, so Blackmore does.
    Some sound like moogplayers i think of EVH, Alan Holdsworth.
    Jeff Beck combines all he's hearing.

    But Tommy Bolin was a pure electric guitarist, inspired by the beginning of rock'n roll i think.
    And the combination of his sound with the Glenn Hughes bass , that's the real thing! :clapper:

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