Whirlwind ~ Tommy Bolin

  • ...available on August 13th, 2013 ~ Tommy Bolin "Whirlwind".



    A spectacular collection of rare and unreleased recordings from famed guitarist of Deep Purple, James Gang and the Billy Cobham band, Tommy Bolin!

    Features rare material of Bolin's jazz-rock band Energy, an epic 26 minute version of Marching Powder (here called Marching Bag) from the album Teaser as well as songs Bolin was preparing for his third solo album before his untimely death in 1976!


    Bolin - Heartlight (From The Whirlwind Collection) - YouTube[/ame]
    Disc: 1
    1. Cucumber Jam
    2. Heartlight
    3. Hoka-Hay!
    4. Don t Worry Bout Cash (Acoustic Version)
    5. San Francisco River
    6. Rock-A-Bye Dreamer
    7. Dungeon
    8. Alexis
    9. Gotta Dance (Take 2)
    10. Spanish Lover (Instrumental Version)
    11. Sooner Or Later

    Disc: 2
    1. Red Skies (Instrumental Version)
    2. Way It s Always Been
    3. Sleepwalker (Instrumental Version)
    4. Leave Other People Alone
    5. Marching Bag (26 Minute Original Version)
    6. Wild Dogs (Acoustic Version)
    7. From Another Time

  • thanks David.. I ordered the DeLuxe edition... :)

    Limited to 1,000 copies the deluxe edition will include the 2CD digipak plus 3 postcards, Tommy Bolin signature guitar pick, collectible patch and a souvenir pin.


  • its not being released in Europe and will only be available as an import.

    the "rare" tracks look like they've already come out on TBA stuff already.
    i reckon i've 9 of those tracks - Heartlight is clearly the version on "The Unreleased Tommy Bolin Volume One" that came out a few years ago :(

    Even the TB official site doesnt say which are previously unreleased :mad: :( :confused: :huh:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Energy's 'Heart Light' appeared on the 1996 'From the Archives vol. one' release (track 5) RPM records

    It also appeared on the 1999 TBACD-13 release 'Energy 1972' (track 2)

    In 2008 it appeared again, in a slightly better remastered version' on Disc 1 (track 6) of 'The ultimate redux' , a 3CD Tommy Bolin Archives compilation on Friday Music.

    The 2CD 'Energy radio broadcasts 1972' on TBACD 10 & 11, disc 1- track 7, has a 15 minute, different, version of Heart Light, but sounds more muddled and is less poignant.

    I'll try to come up with a complete list when I get my hands on 'Whirlwind'.

  • I'll try to come up with a complete list when I get my hands on 'Whirlwind'.

    I'd appreciate that Ad as i've already got the two Archives, Bottom Shelf, Energy Broadcasts, Snapshot, Whips and Roses 1 & 2, Ebbets Field, Jet Bar etc plus the 3 Zephyr albums

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Love the Peaches t-shirt Tommy had on. A good portion of my vinyl collection came from the Peaches that used to be here in St. Louis.


  • This 2CD set is only interesting for 'Spanish lover (Disc 1) Red Skies and Sleepwalker' (Disc 2), as they are unreleased demos, recorded in Miami FLA in 1973 prior to Tommy joing James Gang. Most of the rest previously appeared on various Tommy Bolin Archive releases which were not nationally or globally released.


    1. Cucumber Jam
    2002-After Hours-The Glen Holly Jams Vol. 1
    -Jam 7-Disc 2of2: Track 8 (TBA-CD 24&25)
    2. Heartlight
    1996 From the archives Vol. 1
    -Heart Light-Disc 1of1: Track 5 (RPM)
    1999 Energy 1972
    -Heart Light-Disc 1of1: Track 2 (TBA-CD 13)
    2008 The ultimate redux
    -Heart Light-Disc 1of3: Track 6 (Friday Music)
    3. Hoka-hay
    1999 Energy 1972
    -Hok-o-hey-Disc1of1: Track 3 (TBA-CD 13)
    2008-The ultimate redux
    -Hok-o-hey-Disc 1of3: Track 7 (Friday Music)
    Whirlwind version sounds like a bootleg from this one.
    4. Don't worry about cash
    2000 Naked
    -Don't you worry 'bout no cash-Disc 2of2: Track 11 (TBA-CD 16&17)
    5. San Francisco river
    2002 After Hours-The Glen Holly Jams Vol. 1
    -Jam 2-Disc 2of2: Track 2 (TBA-CD 24&25)
    6. Rock-a-bye
    1999-Come taste the man
    -Rock-a-bye-Disc 1of1: Track 15 (TBA-CD 15)
    From same sessions as Energy 1972, (1999 TBA-CD 13), but isn't on that CD, oddly enough
    7. Dungeon
    2002-After Hours-The Glen Holly Jams Vol. 1
    -Jam 12-Disc 2of2: Track 14 (TBA-CD 24&25)
    Glen Holly track is longer: 9:48 / Whirlwind track: 7:34
    8. Alexis
    1997-From the archives Vol. 2
    -Alexis-Disc 1of1: Track 12 (TBA-CD 7)
    Whirlwind is better mix, adds 2 failed intro attempts
    9. Gotta dance (take 2)
    1999-Snapshot (also released as 'Bolin')
    -Gotta dance-Disc 1of1: Track 5 (TBA-CD 14)
    1999-Come taste the man
    -Gotta dance-Disc 1of1: Track 9 (TBA-CD 15)
    Whirlwind version has a 2:28 intro segment
    10. Spanish lover (instr.)
    Ended up on James Gang 'Miami' album.
    11. Sooner or later
    2006-Whips and Roses II
    -Sooner or later-Disc 1of1: Track 5 (SPV-Steamhammer)
    Different vocal track


    1. Red skies
    Ended up on James Gang 'Miami' album.
    2. Way it's always been
    2000 Naked
    -Another Highway-Disc 1of2: Track 19 (TBA-CD 16&17)
    Same track, different title. More echo on 'Whirlwind' version.
    3. Sleepwalker (instr.)
    Ended up on James Gang 'Miami' album. Some great guitar, reminiscent of UFO's 'electric phase'.
    4. Leave other people alone
    5. Marching bag (26 min. original)
    2012-Great Gypsy Soul-Marching bag (movement 1-4)-Disc 2of2: Track 2-5 (Samson records)
    Pieced together version of this mixed bag of a jam.
    6. Wild dogs (Acoustic.)
    2000 Naked-Wild dogs-Disc 1of2: Track 20 (TBA-CD 16&17)
    Whirlwind version sound a little better.
    7. From another time
    Other versions appeared as 'Oh Carol' on:
    1996-The Bottom Shelf (Track 10-TBA-CD 3) - demo
    1999-Snapshot (a.k.a. 'Bolin') (Track 4-TBA-CD 14) - acoustic
    Ended up on James Gang-Bang album as 'From another time'.


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