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  • For the last twenty years, I have pretty much used Rickenbacker basses exclusively.

    Currently I have a 2003 '4003' bass and a 2012 '4003'.

    On the 2003, I use Rotosound RS66LD strings which are standard gauges that really punch.

    On the 2012, I use D'Addario strings in custom gauges that are the same as the strings from the factory. .045, .055, .075, .105. The bass played so well that I have never changed gauges.

    My question (finally) that I can't find the answer to anywhere is; what gauges is Glenn using? I know that he's using D'Addario, but not what gauges. I am always trying to tweak with gauges to find just the right blend and feel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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