KingBathmat - New album in July

  • I'm guessing not many have heard of them and indeed i hadn't until this year but they are a great band and are releasing their new album in July on the 22nd.

    check out the official video to first song "Sentinel" on "Overcoming the Monster".

  • Had the album in the car for a week and liking it! :thumbup:

    I'm not generally a prog fan but there's something about the guy's voice :singer: and harmonies and the songs are pretty good too.

    Got the cd from the band via bandcamp for just £7.99 and got a free A3 size poster of the album cover.

    Typical review -

    "Kingbathmat are one of the most exciting bands that get labelled prog on the scene at the moment, and as this album proves they are so much more than just a prog band.This is an album you need to listen to, on headphones, in one sitting, so you are immersed in its majesty. Faultless." - Classic Rock Society

    Check them out on their website while i get hold of the earlier albums :thumbup:

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