talk about the SOULMOVER BASS!

  • Hello, and thanks for the posting space!
    I'm a Los Angeles area Bassist; I play a number of styles of music-
    Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Roots, etc.
    I have been playing for awhile & have a number of great instruments.

    I joined this Forum and am posting because I am still- after almost a week!-
    totally BLOWN AWAY by the Glenn Hughes Signature Bass Guitar- Called the SOULMOVER and built by MANNE Guitars of iIaly to Mr. Hughes specs.

    Here's a review I posted as a testimonial for the Vendor who carried the bass and luckily sold it to ME!:

    I’ve been looking into MANNE basses for a while, and focused on the Glenn Hughes SOULMOVER Model.
    I have quite a few high-end basses, and after JUST receiving the SOULMOVER from Lou at Bass Southwest the other day, I am almost at a loss for words-
    Almost, but not quite!
    The build quality of this bass is amazing, there is no detail from fit & finish, to fretwork, to the electronics/pre-amp package, to the incredible NECK on this bass that I don’t like.
    The SoulMover has a given weight of around 8 lbs. but feels MUCH lighter. It is compact and ergonomic, and the tone is HUGE.
    This instrument has incredible natural bottom even when eq’d flat, but- tweak the EMG P/J pups combined with a 2-band eq and Balance knob (often overlooked as a great EQ tool) and the SoulMover gets RIDICULOUS! Tight, controlled lows, perfectly balanced mids, and enough treble punch to do whatever you need to do!
    The tones are perfectly balanced along the spectrum; all four strings; and you can easily go from deep-down thunder Dub Bass, or Old-School Motown; all the way up to the crispest, cleanest, most modern highs.
    Andrea at MANNE is truly a master craftsman. It’s obvious he has a passion and dedication to building World-Class stringed instruments.
    Combine this with the flair for design that Italy is known for- An Amazing WIN!
    Lou at Bass Southwest deliverd (literally!) great service, and his products are all top-end, for the serious and dedicated player.
    Absolutely worth checking out, super competetive pricing and expert knowledge too.
    There aren’t too many MANNE basses here in the States, I think the European community is ahead of us here in the States on that!
    The MANNE product outdistances just about any other brand in terms of feature, build quality, playability, construction, design…
    And the TONE!!!!
     Larry Neal Jenkins
    Los Angeles, CA

    The builder of this instrument, Andrea Ballari, is a Master-builder whose basses and guitars are of the best quality materials and build. Very innovative and unique.

    The fact that he worked along with Mr. Hughes and built this instrument to his specs, especially the neck, is a BIG testament to Mr. Hughes expertise.

    I can't add much to my above review, except to say that this Bass RAWKS so hard and is SO GOOD!~ it hurts.

    So, sorry for the kind-of off-kilter post, but I'm so stoked by this instrument that I believe the namesake of it should have a post on this site.

    Thanks Mr. Hughes, for your collaboration with MANNE, this Bass is DA BOMB!:claphands

    LOCK it in the POCKET!

  • Hi LarryNJ Welcome to the forum :thumbup: Great to read your review of the Manne "Soul Mover" bass, sounds pretty awesome. As a bass player myself i'm always in search of the ultimate thump :) Sounds like you've found it. Question - is the balance knob for the EQs' high and low ends or between pickups? Cheers Kevin

  • Hey, thanx for the reply!

    Didn't think I'd get a whole lo of interest posting about a bass guitar (-:,
    but had to do it because that instrument is outrageous!

    Apparently I need a few more posts before I can attach a pic, but wait!!!

    There we go!

    To your question-
    The balance knob on the SOULMOVER pans between the neck (P-Bass style)
    and Bridge (J-Bass style) pups. The neck position is phatter, more low-end, the bridge pup covers the highs and mid-highs, for that J-Bass "burp".

    Once EQ is set from your rig and dialed in on the bass itslef- mine is the active version: 2-band preamp; Bass/Treble-
    Then the Balance knob is an excellent tool for sharpening either end of the spectrum, and a little bit goes a Looong Way! Turn toward the bridge and you get some serious treble punch, a little towards the neck, and BOOM!
    Bass Low-End for days, especially dramatic because this instrument is voiced so frickin' wonderfully to THUMP!

    I must admit, I was not all that familiar with Mr. Hughes work, though I of course know Black Sabbath and even saw Deep purple live w/ Blackmore waaay back in my youth!

    Obviously, the Man can play his arse off because he is working with some giants, and the vids I've checked out I've liked, including the namesake tune "SoulMover"

    Now lest anybody worry, I'm not planning on transforming this into a Bass Guitar forum, although with some of the other Bass Guitar sites out there, that may not be a bad idea!:D

    And to get that rolling, I ALSO own/play an awesome YAMAHA BB-2024X Bass, and Mr. Hughes is associated well with that instrument:…rtists/#artists

    See there he is!

    So c'mon you rocker dudes and chix, get with the program!
    It's ALL about the Bass Guitar!!!

    LOCK it in the POCKET!

  • To your question-
    The balance knob on the SOULMOVER pans between the neck (P-Bass style)
    and Bridge (J-Bass style) pups. The neck position is phatter, more low-end, the bridge pup covers the highs and mid-highs, for that J-Bass "burp".http://

    Great, LarryNJ :thumbup: That would save a player from alot of fumbling for boost/cut in frequency. Well thought out design! :clapper:

  • LarryNJ - Welcome to the site ! Thanks for the info on the MANNE SoulMover bass. It is hard to find one, but they are out there! I'll need to keep my eyes open for one ! :clapper:

  • Thanks for the welcome.

    There's a Sky Blue passive model here:…NSOULMOVER4BLUE

    No pic from the site, but here's the instrument:

    Glenn uses this model I believe; hand-wound passive pups with vol-vol-tone controls.
    If you call them, GRIND them on the price at least $200! :lol:

    Might be the only other one in the US; otherwise you can call a dealer & order one to be built from Manne.

    Let me know if you need some help with this; I can hook you up!

    I love this instrument more each time I play it! Killer bass!

    LOCK it in the POCKET!

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