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  • Hi Everybody!
    Finally getting around to a contribution here- This is a 75 second clip from Glenn's Sound check Dec. 2, 1999 in Praitlen Switzerland. There is really some fun stuff on this 35 minute collection. I'll put some more of it up here in time- This one, (I'm embarassed to say) I recognize, but I am not sure who did the original.... Santana maybe? I believe it's called "She's Gone". Maybe some one can help me out! I know I should know who it is..... but, as it does quite often these days- my memory fails me.



  • I have not been able to listen to the clip yet, but She's Gone is a Hall & Oates tune. It might be She's Not There which was a Zombies tune and the a Carlos tune. Hope that helps, Tony

  • Hi,

    I listened to this tune, but it's not the Hall & Oates *she's gone* and it isn't Santana's *she's not there* either.
    I'm puzzled by this reminds me a bit of 70's Trapeze!

    By the guys from Cincinnatti?? Good that that runaway train in Ohio yesterday just got stopped before it reached you guys!

    I'll be seeing BAD COMPANY (with Paul Rodgers) in Cincinnatti while I'm over there this summer!!!


  • Outstanding clip,man!
    Mark, being from Houston you must be a real Glenn freak like me!Let's hear the rest of what you have..Glenn freaks like me crave obscure stuff like that..

  • Hi Mark!

    Why is that track called She's Gone? I think you hear Glenn saying 'Evergreen' before it starts. I asked him about this appearently new track at the time, and Glenn answered that it was something that would be put back on the shelf because " sounded like a goddamn bossanova". So that soundcheck thingy that circulates -thanks to you know who you are- is pretty unique.


    - Fedor

  • yes, this is evergreen.
    i was there.
    glenn hughes played this track also in soundcheck in kleinostheim, the same tour 99.
    he told" this is a new song, maybe in the next album"
    when i met glenn in the last tour i asked about it, and he told me, "maybe in the next album"
    eh eh eh .


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