Must Have Rock Glenn Albums ?

  • My friend Simon after Wed night just went and bought all three BCC albums. So Im sending him this list below: (He's not really a funk or randb guy- so albums like F.U.N.K. won't work. )

    1. Face the Truth with John Norum- guitarist of Europe.

    2. Hughes Thrall- with Pat Thrall from Pat Travers- the platinum selling album that should have been.

    3. Seventh Star- Tony Iommi's solo album- - record company just had to call it Black Sabbath.

    3. SITKOR- Songs in the Key of Rock- his best solo album.

    4. From Now On- almost ties Stkor-- also features most of the band members from Europe band.

    5. Hughes Turner Project- (Get the first album- the second is just kind of ok- except for Hold On- which is brilliant.) Album with Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow- great songs- maybe better than BCC.

    6. Addiction- Glenn tries out a Grunge feel.

    Deep Purple: 1. Burn tie- with Come Taste the Band. Stormbringer is good too but alot of it is RandB oriented.

    If I had to throw out my collection- I'd keep all of the above!

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