Iommi Dorians pen Eurovision Song Contest entry

  • Here's a turn up for the books :) A Tony Iommi written song, "Lonely Planet" is being performed by Armenian band, Dorians, during this year's Eurovision Song Contest being held in Sweden!

    Quoting Iommi:


    Well here’s something different, one of my demo ideas has been chosen as the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest! It went on a short list and Saturday night was voted as the winner. I did the music and the performing band Dorians wrote the lyrics, it’s called ‘Lonely Planet’. They’re a good band, the singer has a really good voice and the lyrics they’ve written are in English. It now goes to the semi-final on May 16th in Malmo, Sweden. Glad to be able to be involved with Armenia again, the school is coming along fine, they’ve got the furniture sorted and it will be opened late summer.

    Dorians are the very same band that Glenn and Derek Sherinian hooked up with last year while in Armenia.
    [ame='']Gor Sujyan & Dorians - Lonely Planet (Eurovision 2013, Armenian Contestant) - YouTube[/ame]

  • Thanks David! Lonely Planet is a very cool song that the Dorians band build nicely. Great to see them getting more exposure! I wish them the best of fortune in the finals on May 16th !

  • Even more bizarre is the fact the UK selectors choose people more than 20 years past their sell by date to represent us!

    Last year it was Englebert Humperdink :confused: and this year its Bonnie Tyler :eek: :huh: :confused:

    The whole thing is a joke and treated as such by the public, tv and press here. Several countries always vote for their neighbours, regardless of the song, purely for political reasons.

    Terry Wogan used to do an excellent job of taking the piss out of each act while commentating on it for the BBC but I dont know anyone who actually watches it any more.

  • Here's Tony, talking about the ESC and his cancer treatment
    [ame='']Sabbath star Tony Iommi writes Eurovision entry - YouTube[/ame]

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