• Hi There.

    47 year old Rocker here.

    Hughes is my fave solo artist alongside Steve Hackett & Loudon Wainwright III
    All very different styles I know..but all kings and masters of there own domain.

    I got into Glenn through the Burn album and subsequent listens of his xtra bits in live "Smoke OTW" versions.
    I bought Hughes Thrall first and was blown away.
    My fave album in the studio is probably Music For The Divine
    Worst...The Blues LA Authority. I was so looking forward to hearing this when I first bought it,,,but somehow the songs are a little uninspired.

    Fave Live album was Soulfully..but the DVD sucked I'm afraid..just static camera angles dont do the tracks any justice.

  • Welcome Schpitty - I like your avatar !...but, you put a pin in my party pig - I ordered the 'Soulfully Live' DVD from Russia and was excited to get it, since I love the CD!
    But, I don't mind static camera takes, as long as they are in focus and somewhat close up ! :)

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