• Which of the Hughes live albums is the best ??

    I have not heard the Wolverhampton Live CD and was wondering how it compares to Soulfully Live which is my overall fave live Glenn CD.

  • They are two completely different beasts :) So there is really no comparison... the latter is an official bootleg - so the raw energy of the live performance is significantly increased... you say you have the first one... if you like that, you're going to like this one... head over to Amazon or iTunes and take a listen to the previews...

    Also, don't forget there is "Burning Japan Live" from 1994... another classic, which should definitely be in your GH collection :cool1:

  • I have all the live albums,but Burning Japan is the most superb live album ever made.
    The reviews that album got back in the days were stunning.

  • I gotta agree with the Soulfully Live being my favorite GH Live album. But, they are all good in their own way. I do gotta say I really dig Live Over Europe by BCC - it Rocks !!! :guitarmet

  • Every single live album is unique on his own way...but definitely Burning Japan is my favorite... :thumbup:
    Live Over Europe is very good too...it blows me away every single time...but it's not like Burning Japan...it can take second place... :cool:

  • Not an official live album,but Funky Business is also great!!(Glenn should release it and sell it on his webshop)
    Recorded in Holland in 95' backed by a great band,i was there and it was on of my best GH gigs...

  • I know this..I like the version of 'You Are The Music' from this gig.
    'Freak Flag Flying' is a goodie too from start to finish.
    The bonus live tracks 'Addiction' Holland '96? 'Way Back To The Bone' & 'Touch My Life'.
    Not forgetting 'Neverafter' from the 'Live In Brazil' Crystal Karma bonus CD.
    'Live in Japan' of was well recorded & well sung by our man though GH wasn't playing bass on this tour with the exception of 'Gettin Tighter'.
    Of course' Live in Wolverhampton & Soulfully Live..' are more representative releases of where GH is now.
    I pressume the HTP Live CD must have its moments to e.g the Live Version of 'No Stranger To Love'?

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