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  • looks like joe got a new band-think he is gonna tour?

    From what I read, its hard to tell what are Joe's intentions.

    However, this 'We Want to Groove' upcoming release by Rock Candy Funk Party' is released on J&R Adventures, Joey Bananas independent record label [...thank you DC, for providing this moniker :lol: ] .

    I've read that RCFP will play two exclusive shows each night on January 23 and 24 at The Baked Potato (3787 Cahuenga Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604). The first show is at 9:30PM, the second at 11:30PM. Currently, both 9:30PM shows are sold out.
    However, tickets for those 11:30 pm shows are available at $26.00 - online !

    More details in this link...


  • Wonder if 'ol Joe is trying to get 'one-up' on Glenn.....since Glenn's decided to continue on with his 'rock-phase'....? :confused:

  • looks like joe got a new band-think he is gonna tour?

    So Joe has his solo career and now a side project. Indeed, I too wonder if he's going to tour with that band.

    If Joe had any decency left in his bones :sint2:, he would gracefully retire from BCC and wish his ex-bandmates good luck for the future.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • It's absoulutely clear - He doesn't want to tour with Black Country :sint2:
    I think he told in the interviews that he is too "busy" with his solo career... very confortable excuse...
    And at the same time he make side project...
    He could just tell them that he doesn't want to be in this band!

    Maybe he didn't want to hurt the feeling of his "mates"... :confused:

    But it's better to talk bull ****s, isn't it... :rolleyes:

  • After thinking about RCFP, I can't believe Joe has any serious intentions with this group - it's so NOT him !

    Just listen to the sound clips from the 'We Want to Groove' album ...

    I just noticed there's a full page ad for RCFP in the new Guitar Player magazine (Feb-2013), page87- just came in the mail today. I guess they really want to sell that new CD.

  • RCFP in the studio
    [ame='']Rock Candy Funk Party - Octopus "E" OFFICIAL Music Video - YouTube[/ame]

    and at the Baked Potatoe
    [ame='']Joe Bonamassa,, RCFP-Octopus-e, at the Baked Potato 1/24/13 - YouTube[/ame]

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I can understand why this was probably easier for him to 'cover' this gig than a quick BCC gig, but, I'm surprised how much promotion Joe has put into RCFP. I guess he's doing this band a big favor. Joe's coming to my town in April, but, even though I like his music, I just don't feel right about seeing him without BCC :confused:

  • like i said before-right in the middle-all eyes on him-stops playing to get a drink when the song features someone else-just trying to get exposure with another different audience

  • Quote

    Yes, Joe is busy man. Perhaps that is why when he joined up with guitarist Ron DeJesus, bass player Mike Merrit, keyboardist Renato Neto and drummer, and the albums producer, Tal Bergman he had only ten days to create the music found on We Want Groove.

    I'm so inspire by his hardworking... :rolleyes:
    Yes and because he is so busy JB is doing another side project... :claphands

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