NEW Glenn Hughes Classic Rock Revisited Interview

  • Excellent interview by Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited...


    In the interview that follows, Glenn Hughes speaks openly and honestly about the debacle and the uncertainly of what will become of Black Country Communion.

    Read on to discover how Glenn feels about the band, his band mates and about not touring. This is a riveting interview, so honest at time that it hurts.

    and as Glenn mentioned in an earlier tweet...


    I hope this answers some of your Q's...

  • This is exactly how i felt and described the BCC situation as it unfolded.

    They have to either accept that Joe is not interested in touring and get a new guitar player in for live shows [and studio work if Joe left all together] or get him to change his mind, or call it quits.

    I certainly enjoy the BCC albums, would be a shame not to get anymore.


  • No worries :)

    Yeah, word for word the same interview with the same journalist... but in a different publication, so don't mind taking that one :p ;) :D

  • If the guys in BCC just step back & as Mr Shirley suggests pencil in some recording for 2014/15..the dust will surely settle?
    I hope some frustration is released in their respective careers away from BCC.
    Joe's got his own gig & sucessful one..Glenn's hit the mainstream in his own right as a solo artist with the 'Soul Mover' release.The affiliation with BCC has kept Glenn's profile high.
    Is it right to suppose that more of Glenn's fans have got behind BCC than Mr Bonomasa's core fan base?
    Joe hasn't bad mouthed Glenn at all..& surely it was a no brainer that Joe's solo career & gigs if push came to shove,would take priority?
    In the mean time Glenn,please get funky & soulfull again on your next release!!

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