2013 plans

  • Well another month has rolled by and we are still non the wiser about the secret project and recording that we have been teased with all year and David hinted at last month.

    With Glenn committed to gigs with KOC and recording a new album later this year I would imagine this gives little or no time for any promotion.

    So I am guessing this means no releases until 2014, hopefully some one can rut me right

  • ...you're right, no releases until next year, but recording of a new album is not with KOC; so it's not year end yet, and as Glenn says, "Expect the unexpected" :p ;)

    ...oh and remember, Glenn was laid up for part of this year, which was obviously unplanned, so yes, things changed due to this, but everything is back on track now, so very much, lots to look forward to :cool1:

  • Cheers David,
    Look forward to some new material and some gigs in 2014 then.Will we ever get to know about the mystery project with a major name that was being teased about at the end of 2012?

  • It feels like an age since we've seen Glenn live or heard any new material. I'm looking forward to his next live appearances in the uk :)

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