2013 plans

  • Well, I've been on the edge of my seat since the beginning of the year, and it's now September, and my arse is getting sore!

    What is actually, concretely happening? The only thing I've seen that was tangible was a couple of guest vox and the KOC thing, (which is not my bag to be honest)

    I really hope Glenn's taken the year to stockpile a lot of new material. I'm very confused as to his recordings...has he made another 'supergroup' album? A solo album? Both?

    My own view , reading between the lines (and I would fully understand if this were the case) is that he really didn't bargain on BCC dropping off the planet, and throwing the spanner well and truly in the works, and it affected him more than he's let on (again, totally get that-if it was me, I'd have been gutted) - I'm sick of seeing Joe B appearing at the opening of a bloody envelope - let's see Glenn out there again!!

  • coming soon as in 2014?
    we are not getting any younger you know :lol:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • What i don't understand is that Glenn wanted to tour the world with BCC but sadly they pulled the plug out..
    Why not a massieve solo tour with some BCC songs on the setlist,thats what they call ''melting the iron when it's still hot''. A legend like GH doesn't need a guy like JB to tour the world ;)

  • Glenn wanted to tour the world with BCC but sadly they pulled the plug out..

    Not THEY, only Joey Bananas, who doesn't even want to talk about BCC anymore... :mad:
    [ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEypaHqVmZg']Joe Bonamassa is fed up with talking about Black Country Communion - YouTube[/ame]
    I do hope that once Glenn and Jason go on tour together again, they will throw in a few BCC songs in the setlist :bouncer:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • It just doesn't look like Glenn is going to put a new album out this year. Usually they announce a month to 2 months in advance of a release. Glenn rarely if ever releases anything in December; so if he wants to release a new album for the holiday season, he needs to announce it in September. So I think we are running out of time pretty quickly. And it's too bad, because I was under impression that the album with a secret group was all but recorded by the end of last year. Here we are almost 12 months later and there is nothing. It doesn't take that long to mix and master. Obviously there are other problems (usually it's who gets paid what). Again, politics and management get in a way of art and music. I hope I'm wrong.

  • ...yep, that was the last band :sint5:

    So the good news :) You are sooooo wrong! Yes, there have been delays, but you'll find it well worth it. So much so, you'll soon be on GH overload :eek: :p

    Well, David, you just made my day! Frankly, Glenn's stuff is always worth the wait. I've been his fan since the late 70's and he has never disappointed his fans.

  • ...an update from Glenn :cool1:

    My first hint: i shall be in Nashville in November and December to record a new Rock record...#beyondexciting!

    More coming your way soon!!!

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) September 18, 2013

    The wait will Soon be over... My team will be in LA sept 28- oct 5...+ Grammy award winning producer + engineer..

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) September 18, 2013

    YOU - the fans are so important to me.. You have really shown your love and support of my work..this next epic is for YOU #youarenumber1

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) September 18, 2013

    Be on crutches for 2 more weeks... I have rehearsals with my new band in LA sept 28- oct 4th (second hint) for the new band record ...

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) September 18, 2013

  • :) at first my best wishes for a quick and good recovery for Glenn's foot after the operation. Much healing power!

    I'm really looking forward the new Trio with Bonham and Andrew Watt, all i noticed about could be an amazing new connection.
    And I'm happy that Glenn is working again with Bonham, cause they have got such a magic rythm power.
    And seems to me they all have lots of fun and are good mates.

    Waiting for another fantastic musicpiece, no doubt, stay tuned! :clapper:


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