2013 plans

  • Hi Joni,
    Thanks for the update, the collaboration sounds pretty interesting as i much prefer the soulful funky side to Glenns music as this is what really distinquishes him from the majority of great rock performers.

  • Hello IAIN...
    You are always welcome...I'm waiting to see the final product of this collaboration...the other thing that distinguishes Glenn from the most of the artists is that he trust his emotions and make us feel them...
    Best Wishes...:)

  • Lately, it sounds like Glenn has been preparing for his Kings of Chaos gigs, but he does have the Matt Filippini gigs happening in Spain/Italy starting on the 25th.

    I'm curious if Glenn will be in the studio in July/August ...or...if there will be any additional tour dates added !..

    Glenn mentions that ...a change is coming...we'll have to wait and see ! :)

  • ...updates from Glenn himself :cool1:

    In the studio with my old buddy Warren Haynes and Government Mule next Tuesday..killah new song ..rock blues that grooves for days...GH

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) June 23, 2013

    I now feel its time to make some new GH rock music ..and to take the songs onto the stage ... And do what comes natural ...

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) June 23, 2013

  • I'm completely lost about who Glenn is working with these days. Different names keep appearing!
    Is there still an unnamed project that we've yet to hear about?

  • Not sure what happened to the big name in classic rock project we were going to learn about in early 2013, half a year has passed and we are none the wiser :huh:

    Seems to be plenty of good news :claphands about Glenn producing another solo album and hitting the road with his band, as a fan this is what i love the best, but appreciate that it does not draw the crowds like the kings of chaos project and i suppose this pays pretty good money and Glenns entitled to earn an income like any of us.

    The Man In Black has been talking about wanting to please the long term fans(that was a bit of a shock) and play some gigs playing his older material eg Purple and Rainbow, wonder if he needs a singer/bass player.

    Or i could think of a currently dormant band that could do with a guitarirst.

    Well we can dream!

  • Too many projects...
    I mean...first it was with Andrew Watt...then he recorded with Jason...now Warren Haynes...We are still waiting for the "Classic Glenn Rock" album...honestly...I'm a bit confused...:huh:
    But we can expect some tour dates after the summer, right??..I bloody hope so...:confused:

  • I can understand your confusement Joni. I am confused myself about Glenn's 2013 plans. In the beginning of the year he promised a lot of touring. So far unfortunately not in (Western)Europe and not a lot at all. Also a lot of studio work as it seems.But on the main page of this website he mentioned that South Africa gave him a lot of spirit and that he wants to spread that spirit worldwide. In that case Kings of Chaos will go on a world tour I suppose. I prefer a Glenn with solo band tour, but better Glenn with KOC, than no Glenn at all. It was more than five years ago that he did a proper West European solo band tour, so it's about time. Glenn is very welcome here!

  • This kinda reminds me of the 'Ask Me A Question' thread that Glenn started a little over a year ago............never did see those 'answers'......:confused:

  • ...an update from Glenn :cool:

    Been a very busy and invigorating week: now making recording plans for the fall: more news Soon..

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 14, 2013

    No one is happier than I about making a new record : it has been a year of options: one thing for sure ..it's gonna f/#k ING rock!

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 14, 2013

  • Glenn's been writing and recording quite a lot this and past year. In fact it seems there are 3 albums in the works. But other than some occasional guest appearance, it doesn't seem like we might see anything this year. There is no word on the band that he recorded an album with late last year. We were supposed to hear an announcement in April 2013. As so many new bands break up even before they release their first album, hopefully this one is still on.

    David, if you could shine a little light on this, we would greatly appreciate it!

  • ...more news :cool1:

    Wrote 2 more songs since Sunday ...it's flowing and glowing...!

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 18, 2013

    We are looking to release the album April next year:) writing now: recording this fall.. Will keep you posted ...

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 18, 2013

    Some of you are asking if I'm talking about a KOC album.. We are planning to record: now I'm writing a new album : more info Soon..

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 18, 2013

    No hidden messages.. All I can say is that I'm making a record this fall/ excited to be making new Rock Music...

    — Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) July 18, 2013

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