Jon Lord "Concerto For Group And Orchestra"

  • :cool: today on a bright autumn day with orangecolored trees everywhere i went for buying the Jon Lord Concerto CD and DVD.
    And I'm hearing now twice and it keeps tingling under my skin so beautiful it is.
    Hear it loud, because it has such dynamic, they 've done a masterpiece in sound at Abbey Road, the orchestra played so inspired with lots of love.
    The organ parts are wonderful like we all know, but now the organ is much more heard in the room.

    The guitarplayers are great, bluesy Joe Bonamassa and a sometimes blackmorish mystical Steve Morse, outstanding here.

    The singers are terrific, very touching.
    And the whole Concerto is a great composition which allows lots of pictures in the head. Thank you Jon Lord for putting this together for us,
    your fans.
    That's the first impressions, go and buy this one with the Bonus 5.1 DVD.

    Perhaps i'm going to get myself a surroundsystem for this.
    Because when i hear music in my living room i like to move a lot,
    dance or walk, so no chance to sit at the sweet spot normally.
    Later more,


  • :cool: Lioness, the bonus DVD is just audio, choose stereo or 5.1.
    In stereo it sounds deep, real good.

    It is just the way the bandsound comes together with the orchestra,
    it all sounds very open, so much space between the instruments!



  • :cool: so there are three guitarplayers!
    1. movement: Darin Vasilev
    2. movement: Joe Bonamassa
    3. movement: Steve Morse

    they are all great!


  • I will definitely order the extended 'Concerto' version with bonus DVD and booklet.
    It will make a beautiful, but also very sad X-Mas present.

    LORD Documentary from the DVD "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" - YouTube[/ame]

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