Copenhagen Guitar Show

  • FYI
    On October 6 (Saturday) the guitarist of Glenn's solo outfit (Søren Andersen) will be playing a mini concert at the Copenhagen Guitar Show. Before that there will be a clinic. Time schedule says:

    15:15 Søren Andersen (DK)
    16:00 / Søren Andersen og Mika Vandborg m/band

    Line up

    Mika Vandborg: vokal/guitar – Søren Andersen: vokal/guitar
    Peter Kjøbsted: bas/kor - Morten Hellborn: trommer

    15:15 Søren Andersen (DK)
    16:00 / Søren Andersen og Mika Vandborg m/band

    Check it out at:

  • On Wednesday December 7, 2011 Marco Mendoza entered the small club of Beta in Copenhagen to play an exclusive set. For Glenn Hughes fans it was of interest that he had brought 2 guitar players, one of which was Søren Andersen.

    The lineup was:

    Marco Mendoza - vocals, bass
    Søren Andersen - guitar, vocals
    Anders Bo Jespersen - guitar
    Morten Hellborn - drums, vocals

    and the set list included:

    • Let The Sun Shine
    • Hey Baby
    • Lettin' Go
    • Hole In My Pocket
    • Catch Me If You Can
    • Still In Me
    • Look Out For The Boys
    • Your Touch
    • Live For Tomorrow
    • In My Face
    • Higher Ground

    There was a small taste from Søren's solo release and the near by experience (and lots of solos) gave the option to have a closer look at his techniques.

  • It is pretty interesting for the guitar nerds to notice that Søren has a price limit at approx. USD 2.000 for a guitar. He says he will not pay more. However his 2 Yamaha's cost a bit more than that but since he was sponsored that may be the reason. The old Fender Strat was bought used and is still with him. The most interest guitar in his stock however is the Danelectro. It do not cost much but it has a very distinct sound from the 60's due to the body construction and the lipstick microphones. If you are a guitar player, then check them out.

    His pedalboard is also shown in one of the attachments.

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