Afterglow - Black Country Communion

  • A huge minority voice. These are a GREAT albums and I would not welcome any reboot. Its been said that its forward thinking from here, not backwards. To say there's no musical chemistry with these guys is........... You are missing it man.

    Oh well. To each his own.

  • I believe Afterglow is the best of the 3 studio BCC releases. And I believe the production is the best of the 3.

    However, I want to know if anyone else noticed how the bass drops out at the 2:13 time mark of THE CIRCLE, just before the 2nd verse. I'm thinking, was this part of the song ? ...or was it a production mishap ? I didn't think it was from Glenn's bass playing.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else noticed it as well ?

    If it wasn't for that 1 second dropout, I would have have THE CIRCLE as possibly the best track on the CD (but, that's all subjective on my part).

    Still love Afterglow !!!
    Happy Thanksgiving for you from the US !

  • The Circle IS THE BEST track on the cd!!

  • well mr. bluebassman, not being a 'bassman'.....I would've noticed any 'bass drops'........:D

    If I was listening in Analog rather than Digital, I probably wouldn't have noticed it either. I love Glenn's bass playing and the way it flows so smoothly, so I listen fairly closely :thumbup:

  • I'm really struggling with this one. I didn't get Soul Mover at first now I love it to death the same with BTM. Afterglow comes during a year where Van Halen and Flying Colours albums have taken top honors with me and I instantly clicked with those albums and im loving the new Skynyrd. VH is the best album I've bought in along time. I've now played Afterglow a lot and it's not clicking with me at all. Time to give it a rest and I'll get back to it with a clearer mind. At the end of the year im kind of usually burnt anyway. Is actually just getting on my nerves at this point. It also feels like the formula is very tired and also three albums in just over 24 months is absurd at this point. It's why Bernie has F1 only races every two weeks as opposed to NASCAR every week 36 times , I prefer the one album every two to three year schedule. A ll of Glenns solo albums were totally different but this is too much of the same. HTP2 suffered from the exact same problem, and I haven't listened to that one in over eight years- still love the first one. Also why the Tom Sawyer ripoff intro!??? Don't get it. I ll give this one another shot in a few months. It feels forced to me too. Sorry.

  • ...and they keep on comin' :thumbup:

    This time a 10/10 review from the latest issue of UK based music magazine, Powerplay Issue 149 December 2012/January 2013 :cool1:


    Afterglow is a great, great album and should be revered through the decades to come, held up as one of the finest rock albums of our times.

  • :cool: on afterglow are many good new things, for example the echoplex "ufo-noises" from Bonamassa. Very fine guitareffect, should be forced absolutly!
    Tommy Bolin forced it on CTTB and of course live on stage, this sound of a landing or starting ufo, incredible!

    The song "Afterglow" could be performed on stage with a beautiful Gibson doubleneck guitar, it has for me this "Stairway To Heaven" vibe.

    Just at the moment my absolutly favourite on Afterglow: "The Giver"!!
    What a soulbender! :bow:


  • "Afterglow" makes No. 7 in Eddie Trunk's "Top Albums of 2012" :cool1:


    7: Black Country Communion - Afterglow

    Is it over? Who knows for sure. But three amazing albums in this bands history at an amazing pace is pretty impressive, so I hope not. Like all three BCC albums top playing and incredible singing from Glenn Hughes. Like all 3 I wish the mix was a little brighter and dynamic at times, but this is pretty much live and in your face classic sounding rock that just happens to be from a new band. The title track and "This Is Your Time" some of my favorites.

  • I keep listening to this one , but the very poor production just ticks me off every time. It's just a muffled mess, particularly the drum sounds. Don't know what happened here, BCC1 sounded good, 2 knocked the mix out of the park with a phenomenal cracking production, engineering and sonic masterpiece of epic proportions, then comes three and its mixed and engineered like a sketch demo. This album was just cursed, it's a Kevin Shirley rush job. GH albums sonically have a higher standard than this. Glenn deserves that.

  • Listening to the Cardinal vs. Cubs game tonight on radio. At the return from the 9:00pm station break, Confessor's first few bars were played for the bumper music... Great intro :clapper: BCC rocked St. Louis.

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