CANCELLED - BCC Live In Wolverhampton 2013

  • Jimmy Page...wouldn't that be something. He would add a lot to BCC. But'll never happen.

    Honestly, when Glenn says "the trilogy is complete," I agree with him fully. Yes, I'm excited for this new record, but I know that the other members of BCC were window-dressing on this spruced-up solo album. (Jason is the only one who might have had some presence, it seems) Afterglow seems like its really going to be a showcase for Glenn's hard-rock writing, which really, I'm excited for. It may prove to be the best record put out under this name. But more than anything I can't wait to see what Glenn is going to do in the near-future with the mystery project.

    So I'm indifferent about whether BCC breaks up, because as far as I'm concerned, this time around it was a Glenn album with an all-star supporting cast. What's the point anymore, right? Keep on movin'! There's no doubt in my mind that the bridge to Kevin & Joe is burned. It would be nice to see Derek & Jason sticking with Glenn somehow, though.

  • I still hope for a positive outcome. Hopefully Joe and Glenn are speaking and trying to put this behind them and in doing so finding a way that the band can continue and prosper playing selected live dates !

    You got to hope!! :P

  • Definitely! Although the bar has been set incredibly high with "Afterglow", I can only stay optimistic and say the best is yet to come. The sky is the limit with such talented high caliber musicians :bouncer:

  • They're not teenagers who begin a career now, i think if they can't agree, they will stop quickly, they have no time to loose anymore.
    I think we'll see more clear after october and the commercialisation of the cd.

  • Having watched a corporate gig with him in it this afternoon- I think the London born guitar player (who's the singer) of this band would make a great Joe replacement. Except he's not famous, and his band is just starting out and being pushed hard by it's new label, with a new EP just out and album to follow. As a live act and musicians- Leogun are great, but I'm just not hearing any actual songs.

    Anyway Glenn, check him out, there's always later down the road. He's also a super down to earth nice guy.

  • J&R take the blame!


    When BCC was created almost three years ago, everyone knew Joe had a full-time solo career. This project was ‘modern Travelling Wilburys,’ bringing four individual artists with their own careers together to make a great record. Both Joe and I were always above board about the touring. It was always meant to be from time to time. However, especially with Glenn, this idea seemed to go in one ear and out the other. His manager always knew the deal, even though Glenn wouldn’t stop pressing on the point. Beyond that, there were no additional promises. The fact is, Joe’s solo career takes precedence over BCC, and always has. Everyone has known that from day one. When Glenn started speaking about Joe the way he was in the press, revising history on the spot, it became overwhelming. It got to a tipping-point where it was no longer comfortable for either Joe or I to want to Wolverhampton. In the end I am the one – not Joe – who made the decision to cancel Wolverhampton. So there it is. All fingers can point to me!…ntry-communion/

  • And finally what!?


    But earlier this week Bonamassa broke his silence, condemning Hughes for attempting to “bully” him into playing.

    Oh really?! To "bully" him!? I Just Don't Have Words!!! :mad:

  • Hardly a surprise its down to Roy if you've read the interview he gave to Classic Rock earlier in the year.

    I was going to post the link to Joe's "bullying" claims but you can get to that from the link above in David's post. Some great comments by fans though - my favourite is this one:

    klaas says:


    07:31pm October 19 2012

    There you go, Joe B trying some damage control on his own ass while painting Glenn Hughes, a man who put his heart and soul into this band, as an out of control gorilla. I think Hughes is clearly frustrated at the turnout of these events. Who could blame him? Black Country Communion is a good thing and Glenn most probably didn't sign up for a project that looks interesting on Kevin and Joe's wiki pages.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • the more i see of this whole story the more i think there is more to it than most of us will ever know

  • Sometimes I see this and other band breakups as I see the problems I have dealt with in Professional Baseball. There are egos and personalities, and at these levels, they are both large and fragile. As soon as that point of, what I simply call "Humph, hrrumph" between teammates, we begin to have a chasm. Sometimes it gets ironed out, sometimes it doesn't. Guys call out their teammates and others swat back, usually without much thought, but also usually with no real malice. It's a matter of defending your own side of a story with intense coverage. An argument at home plays itself out at home, but in the world of entertainment and sports, it often plays out in the media, or worse, on Twitter. I am sure something could have been worked out with BCC, but once it got caught in the technological web of intrigue heard round the world, the split looked HUGE. Yes, I agree Tony that there is probably much more to this than we will ever know, but I also have some faith that there will be a mending at some point and the project will live on. Remember, JB has his solo commitments, Jason has his, Derek has his and Glenn seems to be putting his foot into the water in many places; so how could we expect it to be anything but a difficult task to remain focused. At some point they may just look at each other and say "let's make this our priority", because right now, I do not believe it is the top priority for any of them, and that is what is, in my mind, what keeps BCC from moving forward. So I hope for the best and hope to see more in the future, but until then...who knows.
    While I am at it, my old line returns: HOW ABOUT A US TOUR G ?!?!?! :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I love GH been a fan for years and will always support him but I have so say in my opinion he got this slightly wrong!
    Sure he is frustrated at Joe, Joe seems to have time for everything but BCC!

    However using he media to try and out Joe was a mistake. I am sorry if thats uncomfortable. Equally Joe's reaction was very imature so both should take the wrap ! I do believe BCC is completely over which is a real shame, but then it was only ever aside project for Joe I think we all new that really.

    Looking forward to Glenn's new band, Steve Lukather? :)

    Exciting times!!!!

  • the more i see of this whole story the more i think there is more to it than most of us will ever know

    Remember that Glenn once tweeted he could write a book about BCC? But being wrapped up in that situation, you should not kiss and tell... ;)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • As a bassist/singer who recently had to end my involvement in my own band; I understand all of the politics of ending a musical relationship.

    It bums me out immensely that I never got to see BCC live. But I know that eventually, I will get to see Glenn kick major booty onstage.

    I guess for now, I will just have to listen to my BCC albums and watch the live DVD over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over....

    And somehow, get through the disappointment.

    We all have a photographic memory. It's just that sometimes, a few of the best shots get left on the darkroom floor.

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