• With a lively debate about "Re-Machined" going on in the 'Album Reviews' forum, I thought that it is about time to to start a thread about cover versions.

    Glenn has been featured on quite a few tribute albums and laid down his own versions of various songs whenever he had the artistic freedom.

    So what is you take on the topic?
    1:1 reproduction of the original or create something new out of a classic tune?

    Additions very welcome! :cool:


    P.S. Here's a good one to start with...

    Black - Sweden-Smoke On The Water / Mamma Mia - YouTube[/ame]



  • A fantastic version of the Beatles classic with great (and virtuoso!) bits added that are not in the original.

    Feat. the great late duo of Mike Patto on vocals and Ollie Halsall on guitar.

    - HEY BULLDOG - YouTube[/ame]



  • The late, great Kevin Gilbert covers the Zep classic here -
    this version was rejected by Atlantic when Gilbert handed it in for inclusion on 'Enconium - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin' back in 1995, and so it only appeared on the bonus disc for the Limited Edition version of KG's solo album 'Thud'.

    Gilbert - Kashmir - YouTube[/ame]



  • ...a thread such as this deserves a bit of ABBA :p covered by fellow Swedes :D


    Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars & vocals
    Sebastian Roos - Bass
    Johan Axelsson - Guitars & backing vocals
    Anders Berlin - Keyboards & backing vocals
    Andreas "HABO" Johansson - Drums

  • I really like the Swedish cover versions, they are pretty cool! :cool:

    Here's a jazzy and very funny version of Smoke On The Water playing in Berlin:

    on the Water - Pascal von Wroblewsky - YouTube[/ame]

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

  • Here's my favourite from the "If I Were A Carpenter" Album, a Carpenters Tribute Album from 1994 that included some excellent contributions!

    Kross - Yesterday Once More - YouTube[/ame]
    :guitarist :cool:



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