BCC - This Is The End... maybe... YES!

  • ...well, good luck to him then and say bye! :bye: I've heard enough - Joe doesn't need anyone but good ol' Joe and an airport hanger full of guitars...so he can move on with his wonderful career... :yap: ...some day he will wish he was part of something more than retread music stolen from some other blues artist :erte1:

  • Such a shame, but two complex characters are going to make life interesting and difficult. A great band nonetheless.

    As for a repalcement guitarist, there are many good ones who might fit the bill who are more rock that JB....John Sykes, Richie Kotzen, Jake E Lee....who knows!

  • Disappointing but not a real surprise. I hope that now that Glenn has a new management structure with Paul Geary’s involvement they might be able to find a record deal and funding so that JR Adventures do not have to be involved and BCC continues with a new guitar player.

    I am also interested to know more about Glenn’s collaboration with Andrew Watt, having checked him out I can see how this partnership could be very fruitful and exciting.

    Hopefully we will hear about the new band real soon !! it doing my head in second guessing!!!! :lol:

  • Interesting interview of JB...so now it's suddenly crew issues that made him not enjoy the tour? What a lot of nonsense is that? What's the difference for him to move 21 people from town to town on a solo tour or on a band tour? I mean, he is not moving all these people anyhow.
    And he says he was the cause of the least of their problems - unless there wasn't any diet coke there for him? Well, they must have run out of diet coke permanently then when you hear the rumours of JB's bad moods behind stage during the BCC tour.

    I will never forget his answer in October 2011, when I asked him after a solo gig in Bremen if he would tour with BCC again in 2012 and he said very strictly: "I don't think so, no!" I was so surprised that it was so obvious that he didn't want to tour with BCC in the near future. And then Kevin Shirley said it had to do with a sponsor not paying him but the problem would be solved soon. Obviously a kind excuse. Hah...and that was all before Glenn said the band might brake up because Joe doesn't want to tour. Okay, that wasn't too clever to tell the press but looking back it was just the truth, wasn't it? Joe kept arguing that there are four members in a band and it would be unfair to blame just him but hey, it was just him who didn't want to tour with BCC anymore. Not even a small promotion tour for Afterglow, just one concert in Wolverhampton was planned. Ridiculous.

    But you can't force a guy to do something he doesn't want to do. Whatever his true reasons might be, it doesn't really matter. Fact is that he's finally done with the band now which is no real surprise. I only wish he would have quit earlier though and the other three could have replaced him by now and hit the road again with all the great BCC songs...

  • Exactly...actually I don't know why Kevin Shirley pushed them to record Afterglow when he knew Joe's calender was full...perhaps he thought that success of the album would change Joe's mind...I don't know.
    Anyway Joe should have told the other guys that hey I'm not going to promote this album, do the tour with someone else...just like Chickenfoot did. That worked and everyone understood.

    As much as I like Afterglow - I think this band is now done....I think they shouldn't try to continue with someone else....NEXT!

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • For Joe BCC it is just a hobby band,with his solo gigs he has sold out shows every where in big arena's. Here in Holland he plays a 5500 venue 2 nights in a row sold out.
    I think it just the money 150 big shows a year is enough,i think Joe is more a business man these days.
    Who blames him,but on the other hand he has to stop talking bull****.
    Glenn told the truth and if he can't handle that,he's just a boy ;)

    On the other hand if Glenn and the guys love BCC so much for the music they can replace Joe by an other great player and go out on the road.
    I think they need the succes of Joe to fill the venue's and make money on the road.
    Imo it's all about the money anyway....

  • I can't say anything that hasn't been said before by fellow members. And I've voiced my opinion about Joe often enough.

    My heart is bleeding for Glenn who said "I want to grow old with this band" and who has been so bitterly disappointed.

    Anyway, I'm grateful for everything BCC has given us. Wonderful memories! I wish it would have lasted longer :(
    It's the second time since Purple 1976 that a band I've come to love vanishes from the scene.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • so he finally admits it all-he just did it to get exsposure for his self -so we can all buy all his stuff -the 3 other guys in the band are just objects he can use to achieve his plot-i wonder if he will ever get any of my money again

  • I believe they bought (and own) the name Black Country. Could be an angle to bring in Jimmy Page, drop the Communion, and simply be Black Country? Thoughts?

  • I believe they bought (and own) the name Black Country. Could be an angle to bring in Jimmy Page, drop the Communion, and simply be Black Country? Thoughts?

    Nope, they didn't buy the name because this other band BC wanted to cash in and asked for, hmmm, half a million dollars I believe. Hence the name BCC came up.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Thanks for the name history lioness. Ready for BCC MKII, but who would be the best replacement for Joe that is available? :D

    Well, it would have to be somebody who is totally committed to BCC. Somebody who has a name but is not too famous and is still hungry for success. Somebody who is willing to tour!!! :D

    I personally don't think that Jimmy Page is the right man for BCC. He is still too much involved with everything Led Zep.

    If you're interested in the name history - Glenn talks about it in debth in this interview from 2010:


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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