BCC - This Is The End... maybe... YES!

  • Although John Norum would be a great replacement, in the end Glenn would get in the same situation when Europe goes back on the road (or in the studio).

    If Joe is going to be replaced, it has to be with someone who has no commitments with other bands.

    I think there are enough guitarists out there that could fill in.
    But will J&R Adventures still be interested in BCC?
    I guess maybe with another well known guitarist.
    Just like Blackmore left DP and they had to find a proper replacement to go to Japan. They went on tour with Satriani.

    I'm not interested in Kings of Chaos.
    Even if they record some new tracks.
    Going on tour not knowing who'll be present isn't wise to do and most of the time they are a just cover band.

    Still wonder what Glenn was tweeting about some time ago - a new brotherhood?

  • On the. Mini tour of the UK back in May Glenn gave lots of name checks to a certain Mr Coverdale who he referred to as brother. Clue or red herring?

  • Glenn touring with Kings of Chaos doing Purple songs and other covers would be a big backward step IMHO but might make a few quid in south america and japan and would only last a short time during which he would no doubt be working on or planning something else.

    BCC could go on without Joe with or without a big name to replace him as long as they put the work in and played loads of dates. Live shows are the real money maker these days not cd sales.

    the biggest shame if it is the end of BCC is that nobody will play the songs live. Glenn would probably play a couple in his set at most as he's got to fit in Trapeze, DP and solo stuff.

    they should announce a big BCC tour as farewell shows - that would help the ticket sales!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Are there any GH fans interested in this Kings of Chaos project? If it is the end of BCC then I would love another solo album and a return to soulful funky Glenn making the music he loves and what makes him unique.

  • Kings Of Chaos is/will be, primarily a live show from time to time, with the odd studio recording thrown in for good measure. As you can see from the line-up and the project in general, it won't consist of a permanent fixed number of full-time members... ie: they will rotate in and out as when their schedules' allow...

    So for those who choose to pass on it, rest assured, Glenn's full time gig will not be this project... whether it's BCC or something else, I'm sure he'll fill us all in when the time is right... but whatever the case, he'll be looking forward, not back ;)

  • Thanks David!

    For now we have Afterglow to look forward too!! I know It'll be great!!

    After that, we'll see what lies in store for us.

    One thing is for sure. Glenn is at the top of his game right now and I'm expecting a whole lot. No pressure though Glenn! ;)

  • Interesting read, this thread; in the end, though, the dissolution of the band - if this is indeed the end – seemed inevitable from the start; BCC was a pre-engineered super group after all, and such bands are rarely ever anything but short-lived.

    That said it’s certainly not as if they didn’t make their mark – three quality studio albums and a DVD in four years is quite an accomplishment, and they did manage to make their way on to the list of the Top 20 super groups of all time along the way too.

    No mean feat that, especially for a band that was almost over even before they started work on their first album...

    BCC was a planned business enterprise from the get-go, I think, built basically around a young, high-profiled guitarist with a surging solo career and a veteran rock singer/bassist who has long been on the return since the darkest days of his career back in the 70’s and the 80’s, and who has seen and done it all along the way. Sprinkle in the son of a legend on drums to give the band a tenable connection to one of the biggest groups of all time, and then add a low profile but highly virtuosic keyboard player to fill out the sound and then stay out of the way and, voila, Bonamassa has an outlet to play some serious power blues rock that he might not otherwise have the chance to on his own, and Glenn gets a credible vehicle with enough of a high profile to firmly rehabilitate and cement his place at the top of the rock world once more.

    There has always been a certain tenuous volatility innate to BCC in my opinion, and I think this is because it served different purposes in each of the members’ minds at the same time; for Bonamassa I don’t think it was ever meant to be anything other than a fun side project, whereas for Glenn it became something more, a road to professional redemption that should be travelled for as far as it could be taken, and as long as both principal's expectations could be met along the way, then all was ok.

    The music business is a numbers game, though, so it should really come as no surprise that Bonamassa would ultimately decide to focus the bulk of his efforts on his own solo career as that is where he really gets his bread buttered at the end of the day anyway.

    For Glenn, though, BCC truly brought his career full circle and back to the top, as he finds himself now where he should have been when Purple came to an end back in ‘76; namely, poised again as a bona fide top-tier rock star with both an expanded base of fans and a cross section of more casual listeners all genuinely anticipating his next move.

    Bang – career rehabilitation complete!

    All cool and, in the end, one hopes that Joe, Glenn and all the guys involved with the band manage to enjoy themselves and have fun along the way.

    I know that we have...

    -Marc Fevre
    Napa, CA

  • BCC is the sum of the parts, it would not work for me if any of them were replaced. The essential chemistry would be lost.

    May as well form a new Band !!!!!!!!!

    I have to agree here as well. They have something special here; without Joe, its just another band... I'm sure it would be great... but not BCC.

  • I am very sad that my first post on the forum is likely to end of the band only in recent years that have made me wait for their albums and tours. I do not try to write because I do not speak English fluently but this situation makes me feel at compelled to drop a few words to the wind, hoping that just as the other fans they are read and somehow help band to continue existing.

    By Glenn Hughes still more that can make a beautiful solo career still think the BCC is its place, is the band that brought back the sound of your soul, GH is a true rocker and I think he would like to continue with band because he believes in the power and sound of the BCC. The BCC did reborn and to me, he should stay there.

    As for Joe Bonamassa BCC seems always to have been a fun for him and a side project where he could play something more rock, heavier and take a break from blues, rock blues of his solo career, which is nothing wrong. His solo career has always been and will always come first, because it is a great career with great albums and blues is your passion ... is something he breathes from his childhood. Therefore no one has the right to demand that he change what actually loves only to the delight of some. Of course I think the BCC also helped him to new fans, I'm one of them, because I met him and went to get his solo career after hear it and enjoy it in the BCC.

    So what I see is just opposite interests, no need to fight and discussions. For me I think Glenn, Sherinian and Jason (because I do not believe he thinks his "Led Zeppelin's Experience" is his main band, even though I respect the legacy of his father, but the BCC is his trademark as a drummer, are their creations) could bring another guitarist for a tour, Bonamassa himself made it clear that it would have your blessing. And if Bonamassa unwilling to return more than this new guitarist occupy the post. Almost all members of great bands changed in its history, this would not be the first time nor the last. Of course it is not easy finding a guitarist to replace Joe Bonamassa ... to me his guitar, his playing is stuck in the sound of BCC, as well as the voice of Glenn Hughes are two things seemingly flawless the band's sound, but something has to be done. In my mind even now also, as mentioned above, just think of Doug Aldrich to do something decent with the band, because I know that is a style of sound he appreciates, he would probably be doing something else like that even in Whitesnake, is a great guitarist, a great tone, could play the songs of the band with respect to Bonamassa sure. Besides being a great composer if necessary this function in the future. Too bad I think he'll be busy with Whitesnake for a long time and still have not time for a tour at least with the BCC.

    But anyway, what hope the rest of the staff of BCC do is keep the band alive, remain a REAL ROCK BAND. What you can not do is leave something of great worth dying for simple lack of an outstretched hand.

    Thanks... and sorry for my english.

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