BCC ~ Afterglow ~ arrives Oct 30 2012

  • Don't think you have to worry about that, J&R know what side their bread is buttered :p although it might not get all the promotion it was due.

    That's certainly a possibility, although I would hope that doesn't happen. This album deserves all of the promotion it can get.

  • I've just downloaded "Confessor" from link in this thread and I'm like - Wow ! :) It's great :) :bow: :clapper: :claphands

    Yeah, it's definitely one of my personal favorite BCC songs thus far (still have the rest of Afterglow to look forward to after all)! LOVE the chorus, reminds me of "Burn" a bit :thumbup:

    I'm also glad that Derek has more presence on this song too, and I'm hoping that he's like this on the other songs too :bow:

  • :cool: wow, what i'm hearing from Afterglow is great, seems they did a push on it again.
    Glenn is a wonderful songwriter and the new sound has got a lot of colours, the bass by the way sounds magic mighty.

    Glenn's singing is always great so as here, maybe more sensitive ike it was talked about the last weeks.
    And Derek is coming on stronger now, i for myself love to see Keyboarderequipment not only including one hammond, but a Fender Rhodes and a mellotron make my eyes wet. Beautiful, i love it.

    Will be amazing, what the battles are beaten inside the band now, and Glenn was talking of a rough last week.
    So anyway they might get a solution, and another promoconcert in England might be on the plan, i hope so.

    The best plan: stick together and go straight onto the stages, and then nothing could went wrong.

  • The best plan: stick together and go straight onto the stages, and then nothing could went wrong.

    Guess this is only wishful thinking.
    If BCC will carry on it will be without Joe.

    I can understand that Joe wants to carry on with his solo career.
    It's more successful and I guess it's also more fullfilling.
    BCC was just a project for him.
    For Glenn BCC was an opportunity to get back on the top.

  • Problem is that Joe hasn't put his solo career on hold just like Glenn and Jason for example...

    But...I suppose we should be happy for the three studio albums we got (will get once Afterglow is released)...and live DVD/CD.

    Although Glenn said somewhere that BCC is not splitting up....there just isn't any gigs booked... I've kinda moved on... sort of lost the interest to that band.

    To be honest I'm looking forward to hearing the NEXT one (whatever that is) from Glenn...

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • I'm really looking forward to this album. This Is Your Time and Common Man are sounding fantastic here :thumbup:

    What i'm really loving is Glenn just taking it back a notch vocally, not full on turbo all the time, and doing some harmonies. How i miss those!

    Cannot wait, the album is going to be awesome :clapper:

  • when watching this trailer i felt like i should lock the band in a room and make them watch it to remind themselves just what they have here and to go out and blow the world away - lets hope one day it could still happen.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I'm ready for Glenn's new band. Wondering who it'll consist of...

    I like BCC, but feel Glenn has done more interesting things elsewhere.

    Check out "In My Blood" from SITKOR for example. Easily as good, to me better, than BCC, yet no one wrote about that in 2003.

    The whole of SITKOR is very strong. The songs, Kollman's/Marsh's playing, the production.

    The same can be said for TWII, Soul Mover, well pretty much every one of Glenn's solo albums.

    Sometimes Bonamassa's described as the new saviour or electric guitar playing, but I think the hype needs to be taken with a grain of salt ;) In my opinion, Glenn has had more interesting guitar players in his solo bands. But again, no one wrote about it. Go figure :)

  • :cool: This Is Your Time sounds very easy and relaxed on one hand but high intense on the other, Glenn's voice dynamic and kinda sweet sounding.
    This band has found musically such a healthy direction, there is so much space, unbelievable the last bandrumours!

    BCC is really a supergroup , it benefits from rockhistory, i mean, there are members of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in one band, and they did the third album together, not just a lil songproject.

    And Bonamassa is an outstanding Bluesrockguitarist, he comes from the Jimmy Page-universe, a fast guitarplayer, never a shredder.
    He's got an incredible warm tone and he plays very focussed, very lost in is own center, and he's more blues than rock, not a Blackmore guy.

    I can't walt until i can hear Afterglow up and down,


  • You mention some very good albums there for sure. But I think you are vastly downplaying BCC. It is definitely some of Glenn's best work to date. In any case he is NOT going backwards to what was before. We've been told that over and over again.

  • But BCC is a project which aims to sound like it's 1973 - which is going backwards, don't you think? I don't mind that at all, although I think the project's need to conform to "classic rock" limits Glenn.

    The big problem here however is that Bonamassa simply isn't a hard rock guitarist. His playing is just too polite. He's a capable blues player, of which there are thousands, but on the same level as Gary Moore? Blackmore? Far from it, in my opinion.

    I wouldn't mind hearing Jimmy Page with BCC. Anyone as long as there's some more edge in the guitar department. But most of all, I look forward to Glenn going onto something new with new players.

  • I would like to add though that I dig Bonamassa's playing on Confessor and I like that track overall: Glenn's vocals, the mean bass sound etc so am looking forward to the full album. I think it's going to be a good one.

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