BCC ~ Afterglow ~ arrives Oct 30 2012

  • The new BCC sounds really stellar! :bow:

    If this is the end, at least it's with one hell of a bang! :D

    I am not too worried about Glenn's future because I think BCC has

    helped him get his groove back ;) As if the man could ever lose it!

    I bet he'll put a new rock band together later as well as do solo stuff! :thumbup:

    Exciting time to be a fan of GH! :)

  • Really looking forward to the new album :)

    "Its been great" may just be Jason alluding to completing the latest album, rather than talking about the end of the band. Although i do think this will be the end for BCC.

    Maybe we are going to finally see Derek's Keyboards to the fore at last, maybe not underused in the previous 2 albums, but hidden in the mix.

    I hope it's even better than the 2 previous albums, tops their success, and they go out on a high! :clapper:

  • Ending!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? What???? where was this announced..... Link?

    I think the link was between all those lines which Glenn posted in the last few weeks ;)

    At least that gives me the hope that Glenn will do more solo tours in the future, maybe even on the good old continent... :)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • If this is the last of BCC, it will be a great pity as the music is great and the band has gained a really high profile in the past few years.
    The sad reality though is the band cannot really tour regularly, I would imagine this is because of Joe's solo career.
    Look forward to Glenn's brotherhood project though and hopefully plenty of solo gigs

  • well.. I'm not really sure it's the end.. trilogy is now completed and of course there will be no more BCC albums soon.. but I'm sure this guys will do something else in the future.. you know.. there's a lot of fun between them so when the desire will come back we'll BCC on road again :)

    For the moment it's Afterglow time.. enjoy it and hope there will a tour in Europe again :bouncer:

  • If this is indeed the end, I will shoot my balls off. For the first time in my life there has been a band for which a new album with NEW music coauld be expected, and not buying music that had been released or performed 30 or 40 years ago. A real shame if BCC will be disbanded after this one.

  • i didnt expect all this-i meant to write-IF its the end-we wil see what happens-if it is i will still always be eternally greatful for the music and the fact that i finally got to see gh play-im never gonna forget the beginning of the concert when the whole place is dark and suddenly u hear glenns bass starting :bow: black country :bow: :bow:

  • im never gonna forget the beginning of the concert when the whole place is dark and suddenly u hear glenns bass starting :bow: black country :bow: :bow:

    Amen to that Tony. The acoustics at the Indianapolis show had the best sound i'd ever heard in concert. One of the most enjoyable rock shows to see. Attached photo was from earlier that day, before the marquee was changed over.

  • We only can wait and we'll see! It's sad because BCC is the best rock band of the century :bow: but... hey remember what Glenn says " I don't wanna go back, I don't think about the future, I think about now. " :thumbup:

    So think about now! Afterglow is coming and I can't wait to listen it! :bouncer:

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