• Maybe I'm A Leo is also definitely worth the price of admission on this one - you can tell they had a lot of fun making that one :) Good to hear Luis Carlos Maldonado back in action on guitar with Glenn and Chad.

    Others worth noting aside from HS are the one by Metallica (When A Blind Man Cries) and Kings Of Chaos (Never Before) :thumbup:

  • Others worth noting aside from HS are the one by Metallica (When A Blind Man Cries) and Kings Of Chaos (Never Before) :thumbup:

    Aaaaand Jimmy Barnes on Lazy! Absolutely stunning! :clapper: :bouncer:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Working my way through the cd. Here's my thoughts after listening to the cd once in track order.

    not too keen on Santana's take on SOTW. vocals ok, just dont like the geetar or the way the song has been interpreted.

    Chicken Foot suffer from being a live version as Hagar not up in the mix enough and i'd like to have heard Satriani clearer as a big fan of his.

    Maybe I'm a Leo is pure class. Glenn produces another epic vocal performance but Luis really does the business too. a great rockin and funked up reworking. Amazing this was recorded live and this is the 2nd take! Also the best sound mix on the entire cd - GH producer!

    I like BLS take on Pictures of Home. not a fan of their music but liked this acoustic metal.

    Never Before is one of my favourite tracks on MH and i can see why Joe Elliot says its his. a song Leppard could have written done in their heyday. catchy rock pop. Cheap Trick would probably have have covered this in a similar way.

    Flaming Lips - oh dear. different but wont be listening again for a long time.

    Joes version of Lazy is good and nice organ on the track too but the original is RB/JL at their best and the remixed version on MH25 is the one for me.

    Iron Maiden rock on Space Truckin but the original rocks so much that they havent added that to it. Dickinsons vocals sound a bit in the background of the mix IMHO.

    I like Metallica's Blind Man a lot. This really grabs hold of the song and takes it to another level. I loved the original and like the bands on the cd thought it should have been on MH. Ian Paice says Ritchie wanted it left off.

    The final track, Glenn's Highway Star with Vai is immense. Vai is red hot while Glenn is at his blistering rockin best. Replace B in BCC and lets see Glenn tour with VCC!

    The songs i'll listen to over and over again from this cd will be Glenn's, Kings of Chaos, and Metallica. Maiden and JB will get a play now and again. Santana and the Lips probably never.

    I look forward to others views on this

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I heard it once and I have to agree with David and Wolfysmith.

    Overall I think it's a huge disappointment.
    To honour such a great album it deserved better performances.

    Flaming Lips terrible
    Chickenfoot good version, but it was recorded live years ago.
    Maiden was a demo track recorded years ago.
    Santana was from a album released some time ago.
    And so on...
    So not much specially recorded for this album.

    Than my main complaint:
    Where is the organ????
    Machine Head was not only Blackmore on guitar. The organ was also a big part of the sound. And losing Jon just a few months ago, he deserved some kind of tribute on this one.

    A real shame.

  • now i've listened to it as few more times my first thoughts were correct.

    Highway Star with Vai is my favourite track - possibly the best cover of any DP song i've ever heard. i just love vai's intro where he copies the Lord opening from MIJ with his crazy guitar sound. This blows Chickenfood out the water by a mile. I would have said thanks but no thanks once i'd heard Glenn's version and left it off.

    there's only 5 songs i'll be listening to - Glenns 2, Chaos, Metallica and BLS.

    Joe's track would be great if it was a brand new track but the original is already out there and better.

    Bruce Dickinson sounds worse every play, Santana ruins the song and the Lips are a joke. may as well had Rolf Harris version with his wobble board.

    you are right about the lack of organ but thats cos most of the bands dont have a keyboard player. Jon Lord was unique in that he was a lead keyboard play as much a Blackmore was lead guitar. i can only think of Keith Emerson in the same position.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Hope the package is finally in the mail when I return from my regular 3-day-stint at work in our company headquarters in Linz.

    Listened to 'Highway Star' when David shared the Soundcloud (was it?) link and was very impressed with the version :claphands

    Can't wait to listen to the rest, especially 'Maybe I'm A Leo'!




  • So, my post from 2 hours ago made it - I actually thought it didn't.
    I was on the train home and lost the wifi connection...

    Now back home, and the package is here, YES! :)
    Will give it a listen shortly! :cool:

    Oh, and Thanks for the link, David! I had so long not visited the forum regularely ( :( I know) that most of the forums had marked themselves 'read' during my last visit... now (re-) discovering some interesting bits and things I obviously missed on facebook!




  • :cool: the two tracks on it with Glenn are really the best, Luis on guitar on "Maybe I'm A Leo" is wonderful, and Steve Vai on "Highway Star" is from another planet just like Glenn said.
    Vai not only plays smart, virtuose, like we would expect, he does play with real chuzpe or you can say "balls" and great agressive tone the solopart on it.
    And all together comin' on strong with kinda biting groove, Chad for me is doing the purple direction drums such good.


  • After receiving my fanpack today I've been listening to the cd all evening. Great stuff! :)
    But I can imagine not every DP fan will be happy with it when he compares the tribute versions with the original songs. For me it's a great tribute album, I wish some songs would have been even more different to the originals (which you can't beat by trying to copy them).

    01 Santana's SOTW: Not bad but for my taste Santana should have tried to let his latin sound shine through more. For me it's not different enough to the original which is a pity. It's okay to listen to it but it's neither fish nor fowl somehow.

    02 Chickenfoot's Highway Star: Same opinion as wolfysmith here. Good version but as soon as you hear Glenn's version you forget about this one.

    03 Glenn's Maybe I'm A Leo: Magic! I really love this version! Glenn, Chad and Luis put so much heavy funk into this rock song that it was my fav straight away. Really impressing.
    (Made me wish that Glenn would play some more Funkrock again. I think I put on F.U.N.K. again soon...)

    04 BLS's Pictures Of Home: Love this version as well! Heavy rock with very great vocals, well arranged. I didn't know that band before but I think they did a fantastic version here.

    05 KOC's Never Before: Classic Rock at its best, very groovy with a great guest musician Arlan Schierbaum on B3 organ/Wurlitzer which is a nice tribute to Jon. Couldn't sit still to this...

    06 The Flaming Lips SOTW: Haha...first thought: holy cr*p! Then I listened to it again and I have to admit that I think it's quite brave to do such a version of this holy song. I mean they must have known they get crucified for what they did here by all the heavy DP fans? To me it sounds like a mixture of Paul Hardcastle's "19" (slowed down) and the German electronic band Kraftwerk. Not my fav but I have to smile when I listen to it and I will listen to it again.

    07 Jimmy Barnes' (& JB's) Lazy: Very well played, especially Arlan Schierbaum again with his organ playing stayed in my ears. I can't tell why this version still doesn't touch me though, maybe it tries to be too "perfect", I don't know.

    08 Iron Maiden's Space Truckin': Like it! Heavy, loud, rough - gets me going, especially after 2-3 times listening to it.

    09 Metallica's When A Blind Man Cries: Well, I love the way they did this song (I was really looking forward to this) but I'm very unhappy with the mix. The beautiful singing of James Hetfield is far too low! Especially at the beginning they should have made it more unplugged until they turn heavy and loud. This song lives by the way it is sung and JH makes it a great version and it's a pity that his voice is hidden behind the drums and guitars.

    10 The Bonus - Highway Star by GH/Steve Vai/Chad Smith: Truly a jewel! Like I said before: I totally agree with wolfysmith here. What a cracking version of this great song! I'm really, really glad that Glenn thought twice about taking part on this tribute cd and doing this song as well. It carried me away and I was humming and nodding my head until I got funny looks of my partner...:D

    Summed up I would say: try to get the fanpack instead of just the album! Imho the bonus track and the great magazine (over 120 pages full of great stories from the past and actual interviews of the participating musicians) is well worth it! And get it directly from Classic Rock wherever you live, the German amazon.de i.e. wants 55,99 EUR for it which is ridiculous and makes me smile about some CR fans moaning about 15 GBP...

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

  • Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 are on my iPod.

    Here's why:

    01) B O R I N G ! I would never have guessed that this is Santana, if I hadn't read it on the cover. Why put down an uninpired version of the song when you are Carlos Santana, co-inventor of Latin Rock? Remember Senor Coconut's version of the song, Mr. Santana? There you go! :sint1:

    02) I hear a lot of guitar. And more guitar. Where's the rest of the band? As for the version itself, it really is a genuine copy of the original, and it's live. Fit for a tribute album? :huh:

    03) Just like with "Nights in White Satin" or "Misty Mountain Hop", Glenn & Co have created their own arrangement of this classic track. This is what I expect froma contribution on any tribute album. Excellent! :claphands

    04) See above. I really like this version. Stopped listening to BLS after album no.2 a long time ago. If their "Song Remains Not The Same" album is anything like this, I put it on my list! :thumbup:

    05) Great version! Love Steve Steven's guitar work :bow:

    06) Remember what I said about (1)? This, just like Senor Coconut's take on SOTW or the now legendary "The Money or The Gun - Stairways To Heaven", is probably the only way you can approach tracks like these and make your own unique version instead of just another copy.
    I like it! :cool:

    07) Very good arrangement. Jimmy Barnes is crazy! :cool: Wonder why Bonamassa went for the Blackmorish Stratocaster sound instead of sticking to his own trademark Les Paulish sound? If he had stuck to his guns, he would have made the track his own.

    08) Nice version, and I'm sure they had fun doing it, but just like (2) this is just another version of the song.

    09) This starts really really well :thumbup: which I had never expected, but the ending is soooo cliché-y Metallica that I hate it :eek: If you're a fan of the band, you're in seventh heaven.

    10) See (3) above. Again, this is the approach I prefer when you cover a classic song in the studio. Great version. Vai is flying.

    So, I never expected this album to be a 100% hitter, and I am quite content with 60%.
    Could have been more if Santana had done his homework and the makers of the disc had dared to add more surprises instead of 1:1 renditions or even live versions.




  • Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai and Chad Smith discussing "Highway Star"

    Star- Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai & Chad Smith - YouTube[/ame]

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Matt Sorum has a lot to say about the tributed album. About one Mr. Hughes too... ;)


    What do you think of the other tracks on the Re-Machined album?

    Sorum: I really like the Glenn stuff … Glenn Hughes has got just an incredible voice. He did “Highway Star” and, wow, he just took it out there.


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • :cool: At first i told about my favourites as the both songs with Glenn and that is the same now. But for example "Lazy" with a busy Bonamassa and super Jimmy Barnes is really great too.
    I also like Kings of Chaos, BLS (normally not my cup of coffee), and Chickenfoot, specielly the great performance of Satriani :thumbup:


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