Blue Oyster Cult 40th Anniversary

  • Tickets are on sale this week for the BOC 40th Anniversary show, October 28 at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. They will also be releasing a 17 disc box set to coincide with 40 years of BOC :clapper: It will be the first reissue of Imaginos, and will help some fill their empty spots (Club Ninja ?) in collections. I know I am excited as heck to have my copy.
    Hop over to and get the details if you are interested.

    This should be a show of epic proportion :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Actually, Lemon Records in the UK reissued Club Ninja a few years back. And there was a reissue of Imaginos by American Beat in 2007, but it wasn't remastered. It would be cool if the extra disc of rarities includes things like "Astronomy" with Stephen King's spoken intro, and if the live disc includes "Wings of Mercury".

    I was beyond excited when I read the press release yesterday! BOC is one of the most underrated bands ever. Their catalog is incredible! I had abandoned hope that Sony would remaster the rest of their albums after they stopped at Some Enchanted Evening in 2007.

    I will not have the opportunity to see the band's 40th anniversary show in NYC in October. I'll have to settle for two shows in my neck of the woods a month later. Such is life.

    I've already pre-ordered my box set, which is cheaper if you order from by the way.

  • Going to see them October 6th in Cape Coral, FL at an outdoor event. I am always excited about BOC shows. They tour the WORLD while others....well, others forget that little country between Mexico and Canada.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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