New Trapeze Bootlegs?

  • I was looking at the latest posts on and noticed that there are lots of Trapeze bootlegs just been posted. Anyway one of them is a soundboard from Beaumont Texas 1976 with LA Cut Off as the second track in. Anyone have any history on this ie: is it real, would have been before Play Me Out Was released as Glenn mentions it a brand new song from an album being released in November in the intro.


  • Search is your friend here woody ;) This thread has some info if you read through it :)

    In brief, yes, the gig is real, songs were performed live for the first time, by Trapeze with Mel Galley taking the lead guitar duties... they would later appear on "Play Me Out"... Glenn's debut solo album :cool1:

    Those boots are a few years old as you can see, but well worth having all the same :cool:

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