Can you hear a touch of Glenn?

  • Be sure and listen to this in full - this is the one and only Donny Hathaway - a big favourite of Glenn's and you can certainly hear the odd "groon" here and there which Glenn obviously picked up on over the years ;)

    Aside from being a wonderful vocalist, you'll hear his incredible piano playing too.

    If you're like me and bought his LIVE album when it was still on vinyl all those years back, it's now available on CD - so be sure look out for it.

    I also recommend his self-titled 1971 release.

  • Donny really sounds good! Thanks Dave for the exposure. I think I still like the unique style of the original version (I believe) done by a favourite of mine- Leon Russell, just a bit better though. It's a great display of Donny's voice, I especially like the ending. (as I do so many of Glenn's tunes!)


  • Yes, your spot on - A Song For You - is the Leon Russell originally penned tune.

    To be honest, I haven't heard the original so can't directly compare, but if you say it's better, then it must be something special - I'll have to check it out!

    By the way Mark, put another tasty one on the platter for 'ya as the Pick Of The Month in the JukeBox !!

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