Introducing Glenn's newest fan...

  • Hi all

    I would like to introduce you all to Glenn's newest fan, Evan Michael O'Donnelly born 26/06/2012 at 15.54 weighing 6lb 12.5 oz and getting bigger by the day at 2 weeks old now 7lb 3oz! He got to meet Glenn a few times whilst in my tummy and the first song he heard played when he was out of my tummy was Can't Stop The Flood so I think he is a fan already. In fact I am playing it to him now and he is wide awake and reacting with positive moves of his arms and head, if he knew how to dance I'm sure that's what he would be doing ;)

  • Congrats Marie and Martin :clapper: :D

    I've been itching to tell people on here but left it to you to break the news - although its been on Facebook for ages! :lol:

    Hope you got our card ok

    Best Wishes to you all :champers: :cheers:

  • The iPhone makes it so easy to use Facebook, it's taken me this long to get to the laptop to come onto the forum. did Ksyleigh let you know I lost your number when I had to reset my phone?

    And yes thank you so much for the card, was a lovely surprise, and one from Annette too. Are you going to Sorens guitar demo thing next Wednesday? Not sure yet if I will go as it is Evening but considering it x

  • Congrats, Marie! All the best for you and your little family :bouncer:

    When you mentioned on your birthday that Martin got something special for you, I put one and one together and came up with a nice little threesome! ;) :D

    What is that 'attachment' from PHILIPS? Did Evan already get a shaver as welcome present? A bit early, hmmm? :lol:


  • They were the straps that held the monitor in place as the naughty monkey decided to go to the loo inside before I had started in labour and my waters broke so he had to be monitored all te way through the dilation process and the 3.5 hr of pushing (intensely enough for me to strain my chest muscles) but he was in such an awkward position he needed suction in the end. So much for a water birth or active birth that I wanted, but he came and he is wonderful if a little tiring. We don't want to send him back anyway, love him to the ends of the earth x

  • Congratulations Marie!!

    I thought I saw you at Manchester taking it easy.

    So glad that are both happy and healthy if a bit tired ( I know the feeling!!)-but it's all good!

    Best wishes to you both and of course to Evan

    Take care


  • Great photos and sweet little story about the new member in your family, Marie, congratulations! :thumbup:
    All the very best and lots of joy and love with Evan Michael O'Donnolly.

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