Robert Cray , best gig I've ever attended

  • "Best gig I've ever attended"......A bold statement considering I've been going to gigs for thirty five years , but this fella really knows how to play a guitar...No fancy lights,pyro,or gimmicks , just pure fluid guitar playing ..... I even did the fanboy thing and got a pick...It's going to have to be something very special to top this..

  • i first discovered Cray in the mid 80s via his "Bad Influence" album - a cd of mine that's over 20 years old and still being played! Love his playing style and vocals.

    Incidently, Clapton made a crap version of the title track on his "August" album so dont let that put you off if you've heard it!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Sounds a fab gig!

    He has Tony Bruanangel on drums who qas the drummer with Crawler (a fave band of mine from the late 70's).

    Blues is certainly on the up and having seen Mr Bonamassa recently (front row and yes I did wolfie!!!) - just awesome!!

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