What is Blackmore up to?

  • I love Ritchie's playing when he did rock! A great great talent - I don't get into the Blackmore's Night stuff though

  • New interview out with Candice and Ritchie by Mark Vogel and nj.com.

    Ritchie talks about the song "Carry on Jon"...

    "... It was something to Jon, a way of saying thanks for the years. It's hard to talk about, when someone says, 'What did you think of Jon?' I'd rather play a tune. "
    - Ritchie Blackmore 

    Here is a link to the full interview...


  • :cool: Blue, thank you for the link of new Blackmore interview, but it seems to me not so much news as i really expected.
    Now, after an easy sunny saturday in the garden, after one or two König Ludwig Dunkel, by the way Germany's best beer, i feel in the mood to analize a bit the Blackmore artisthistory.
    Well, Blackmore seems to me to be a sort of driven creator marking off from music styles he don't like, so although a terrific funky rythm player he decided to do this Bach influenced hardrockthing after leaving Purple in the 70 ties.
    Although you could hear rumours he DID like 70 ty disco music, and he DID like Stevie Wonder, he was not able to take the new direction Purple had taken further than "Stormbringer".
    Was he a kinda prophet about the 80ties rock theatre? And was he leaving the rockscene to make up Blackmore's Night as the most konsequent answer to the hip hop culture.
    I mean ,what was the strongest opposite against hip hop than his middle- age rock.
    So it was logical indeed.
    But now why not open a new chapter by making a new rocksound with all the rythm qualities Blackmore is blessed with and which he can't carry through his middleage rockband!?.
    I mean you don't have to go to mk3, just listen to the funky guitar strumming part in "Hard Lovin' Man" from "In Rock", awesome!!


  • Here's the latest interview with Ritchie and Candice from Moscow just a couple of days ago.
    It's a bit sad when a man of his age says his best friends are his wife and his cat.
    On the other hand, I don't know anybody else who oozes so much black humour with such a straight face.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • In the past, I have been very negative about the whole medieval/renaissance direction Ritchie had taken; however, more recently, I have grown to appreciate the music they are creating. I guess I'm either getting old or becoming more appreciative of life and what it has to offer. Also, I'll have to stop looking at the 'new moon through a pane of glass' - too many years of bad luck - now I know why !

  • I guess I'm either getting old or becoming more appreciative of life and what it has to offer.

    Yes, Blue, one does mellow with age... ;) :D

    And so does Ritchie Blackmore. Jon's death has affected him a lot as he admits.


    ...It’s a pity we didn’t get to do a few last shows with the original line up.
    ...He will be sorely missed. Sometimes I think it’s always the people left behind that suffer more then the people who left us.

    It's also a pity that Blackmore never even considered playing a few gigs with the MKIII line-up.

    Read more in the latest interview here


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • It's also a pity that Blackmore never even considered playing a few gigs with the MKIII line-up.

    Yvonne...we'll, maybe Ritchie will surprise us. I can see him playing with MKIII rather than Ian and Roger - in recent interviews, he mentions that he has regular communication with David and some with Glenn.

    Who knows, maybe 2014 will be their year and possibly Deep Purple gets into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame ?

    No wait ...:eek:... the Back Street Boys will probably get the nod instead ! :lol:

  • Anyways do you see this part of Ritchie's interview a few days ago ?

    Blackmore is open to playing old material again

    In an interview to the Russian newspaper Kultura Ritchie Blackmore mentioned that he would be open to the idea of staging one-off shows shows playing his old material :

    RB : Yes, indeed, I’m proud of what I have written in the past, and even thinking of maybe 3-4 shows playing exclusively Deep Purple and Rainbow stuff. Just to appease nostalgic feeling of Blackmore’s Noght fans who still enjoy 70-80s recordings. I will never quit what I am doing today, but such concerts could be enjoyable and a sort of a reward to my devoted fans.

    There was no mention as to what personalities could be involved in such a project.

    And three days ago a tweet from Candice Night to David Coverdale :

    CN C@davidcoverdale hi David. Just wanted to say good luck on your tour. Ritchie &I r currently touring in England. Onto Germany nxt. Speak soon !

    Something is cooking no ? :cool:

  • What is Blackewrs up to?

    he is up to stating that he would welcome playing old Dp and rainbow stuff (although he doesn´t mention if this implies DP or Rainbow members), and he is up to releasing the Rainbow Dussldorf 1995 gig on CD and DVD.

  • A friend at work went to see Blackmore's Night last night in Birmingham and said they were excellent and RB still playing brilliantly.

    They did Soldier of Fortune but that was it for DP or Rainbow songs.

    Wolverhampton Setlist:

    Locked in a Crystal Ball
    Play Minstrel Play
    Under a Violet Moon
    Soldier of Fortune
    World of Stone
    Durch Den Wald Zum Bachhaus inc Violin Solo
    Keyboard Solo
    Drum Solo
    Journeyman (Including Ritchie Strat Solo)
    Diamonds & Rust
    Peasant's Promise
    Renaissance Faire
    All the Fun of the Fayre
    Barbara Allen
    Toast to Tomorrow
    Home Again
    The Clock Ticks On
    Fires at Midnight
    Mid Winter's Night
    Dandelion Wine

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • very disappointed to see this set list :( only one track from the very last album and more this is almost the same set list since three years :rolleyes:

    I will see them in 2 weeks at Saarrebruck.. really hope there will more new songs into :confused:

  • Yes, I did see that interview, Stormy.
    Maybe they are presently more in touch with each other because of the memorial for Jon next year.
    Maybe they have also realized that life is too short and precious to hold up the grudges from the past.

    Saarrebruck? Hmmm, hmmm... I hope you will end up in the right city! Better have a look at your ticket before you enter Germany. Is anyone going with you to take care of you? :D

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • maybe... :confused:

    gna gna gna : Sarrebruck !! :p

    and next day to Bonn for Deep Purple.. is that ok teacher ? ;)

  • Blackmore has approved the release of a Rainbow show from Dusseldorf in 1995, Black Masquerade, filmed for Germany’s famous Rockpalast show. It’s one of the few known films of the final Rainbow line-up (Dougie White and friends) known to exist, from their 18 months or so together, and has been pirated an awful lot in the intervening years.

    Spotlight Kid / Too Late for Tears / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll/Black Night / Hunting Humans / Wolf to the Moon/Difficult to Cure Keyboard Solo / Still I’m Sad / Temple of the King / Black Masquerade / Ariel / Since You’ve Been Gone / Perfect Strangers / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Hall of the Mountain King / Burn / Smoke On the Water .

    It’s out on DVD and stand alone 2CD to begin with.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • The DVD should be well worth buying as the Rockpalast shows were legendary.
    Apart from RJD of course, Doogie was my fav Rainbow singer with a stunning vocal range.

    This acoustic set was recorded for a Japanese rock show :clapper:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • i remember watching this years ago - Dougie and Ritchie got on really well.

    I met Dougie at one of Glenn's solo gigs and he was a really cool and friendly down to earth guy who had loads of time to chat about music and stuff.

    Here's Ritchie playing SOTW solo in the style of Santana for Pat Boone! :eek: :bouncer: :bow: :guitarmet

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • :cool: a good thing Blackmore releasing the Rockpalast Gig from 1995 with Rainbow.
    I've done myself a video tape from that television show, so the material wasn't new for me.
    I bought the stereo videorecorder for this occasion and i've seen the stuff over and over.
    Totally impressed by the guitar playing, well i thought he was better than ever before. Maybe since DP "Made in Europe".
    This was the time he changed to Engl amps. The old Engl amps sound very cold but high definition. When it sounds warm, it is the guitar player, the amp adds nothing.
    If you can't play the amp sounds really flat i think.
    That's the thrill of it, a Marshall will forgive much more.
    I was blown away at that time by all the subtle things Blackmore was doing.

    For example creating wah effects by treating the guitar in a special way :guitarist

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