Busy Summer: Glenn touring in Europe Summer 2012?

  • Glenn on twitter 28th May 2012: "busy summer ahead".
    Of course we know that of the recording of BCC 3 this month, great!
    But further......... only two European festival dates have turned up and a show in Israel. So far not so busy touring, I guess. I know it's an old topic on this forum if Glenn coming or not. But it's always interesting to ask, in my opinion. Because, we the fans, like to see our hero again with his solo band in 2012, if it's possible. It's been too long ago -2008-
    (I know it's said before, but it is so true).
    I put it on my wish list for 2012 ;)
    I wish you all a happy and healty summer!

  • A new tour date came up in July in Poland. Four dates in July so far. I hope some more is coming. I try to be patience, but that is a bit difficult, because I (and lot's of others fans) want to see and hear Glenn with his solo band live :cool:

  • Me too.

    I don't except Glenn to tour in my neighbourhood before the 15th of July.
    That's when I'm on holidays.
    And the 31th of August is also planned for another concert: Doogie White.

    Listening to Music For The Divine : Monkey Man

  • Hi Stormy, look at the site of the Rainbowfanclan Legacy (Dutch fanclub) and you see all the tour dates of ex-Rainbow members. Great site. The show Doogie does is with Demons Eye on 17-11-2012 in Elsloo, Limburg (The Netherlands).

  • oooh with Demon's eyes... ok... I though it will be another thing... ;)

    well back to the topic and wait the next Glenn Hughes dates... :bouncer:

  • I will see Doogie another 2 times this year (August and November). Both with Demon's Eye. A great band.
    I hope they play a lot of songs from their own album.
    Saw them in Genk last year with the introduction of their The Stranger Within. A great classic rock album.
    Saw Doogie with Schenker last month in Tilburg. They recorded that show for a future dvd.
    Saw Doogie last year also with Tank, but that's not my cup of tea.
    Sadly I had to miss Doogie's concert in Sardegna with Michael Schenker, Ian Paice, Don Airey o.a.

    Hopefully Glenn will return soon to one of his favourite places: Spirit Of 66 in Verviers. Saw him 4 times there the last couple of years.

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