Tommy Bolin Munich 1975

  • Tommy Bolin – An American in Munich

    What does an American when he comes to Munich? He goes straight to the Hofbräuhaus! Deep Purple’s new guitarist Tommy Bolin was no exception.

    Despite having celebrated his birthday just the other night, Tommy was at the offices of POP magazine at 9 a.m.

    They took him out for the day to show him the sights of the city. (Large photo shows Tommy in front of Munich’s historical City Hall.)

    Having entered the Hofbräuhaus (sight-seeing makes thirsty), Tommy made an attempt to conduct the local Blaskapelle (brass band), dancing around in front of them.

    „Deep Purple live at the Hofbräuhaus, that would be something“, Tommy laughed, ordering two beers and nibbling some radishes.

    Later on tourist Tommy went shopping for souvenirs. He bought a huge Bierkrug (beer jug), which he proudly presented to his bandmates at Musicland Studio (small pic with Paicey, Glenn and Lordy).

    At the end of the day, POP gave Tommy a traditional Bavarian Lederhose (short suede pants). Tommy was thrilled: „I’m going to wear this on stage when we’re touring Germany next time!“

    Alas, Mk4 never toured in Germany :(

    Sadly this is the only solo article I have of Tommy when CTTB was recorded. The others are all just normal band stuff.

  • Thanks I saw it a long, long time ago.
    I'm a huge Bolin fan.
    Have to dig up my old scrapbooks I had in the 70s.
    I tried to collect most of the articles in the press. There was no internet so I kept several scrapbooks with stories and pictures of everything that had a connection with Deep Purple.

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