UEFA final

  • both spanish teams out!!!!!!!!!???????? looks like roberto di matteo must be better than he was given credit for

  • once it went to penalties i fancied Bayern. Germans know how to take a penalty!

    If Chelsea win the final Newcastle dont get in the Champions League next season which would be a shame.

    I wont mention how Wolves have done this season - but good news for Chip as his team (Charlton Athletic) have got promoted and will be visiting Molinuex next season.

  • wolfy-ive been meaning to ask this and ur there-what the hell is wrong with this team!!!-is this whats considered in the usa a small market team?-one
    supposedly without the resources of the big clubs to get better players-or are they like the chicago cubs were for years-"why should we pay for better players or coaches when the suckers pack the stands regardless of the level of play" except for one midweek game everytime ive seen wolves on tv it looks like its standing room only-any insite you or anyone could give would be greatly appreciated

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