John Norum talks about "Face The Truth"...

  • Taken from Burrn! magazine - March 1992.

    B: Then, the reason why you joined Don Dokken is simply because you were 'employee'.

    J: You're right. Don thought of me as a member of the band and indeed I was, but if I'd thought of Don Dokken's album as my work, I would have made it differently. In addition half of Don's vocals was un-acceptable to me. I want more powerful vocals. On my album I could get what I wanted because Glenn Hughes sang for me. At last I could work with Glenn. Not only talking of working together, but it became the fact. It's been 4 years since I met him for the first time. I'm really glad.

    B: Did you get goose bumps working with him in studio?

    J: I was even struck with awe when he finished singing. Now Glenn is wanted by many players. George Lynch is thinking to have him sing, and John Sykes wants him. But I'm the first one to get him! I've worked with him already. I'm proud of that from heart deeply.

    B: Are you contented with your first solo album 'Total Control'?

    J: Well...It's the album which myself at that time wanted to make. I was 23 and influenced by what Yngwie Malmsteen was doing very much. I was into the classical sound like his. I wasn't satisfied with the album, but it was not because of the music. Cutting was awful, and mixing wasn't very good. There are several songs I can't even record now, like 'Too Many Hearts' or 'Love Is Meant To Last Forever'. Several years has passed, and I became able to play with feelings like Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy and also Deep Purple. There's a song called 'Good Man Shinning' which will be in this album and you can feel the influences by Deep Purple quite much. Only Keyboards weren't used so much. I wanted to make a modern approach. This album is heavier than the last one.

    B: When did you feel like making the 2nd solo album?

    J: When all the songs were made. I was working all the time in a little studio in my house. I also wrote songs during Don Dokken tour. Don was wanted to use some songs including 'Night Buzz' for his band, but I refused because they're very personal. Don seemed to be angry when I refused. (laugh)

    B: You saved the best songs for your album.

    J: Yes. It may not be accepted as a good thing to do, but it is right. Songs I wrote for Don finally got to be sang by Glenn. Some songs were written for Glenn from the beginning, for example, 'Face The Truth'. I saved melody line and words for Glenn, and he completed them up in 2 hours. There are few who can work really fast like Glenn. He came up with 3 different ideas of chorus in an instant. His name is credited on 6 songs as another composer.

    B: Did you want Glenn to sing all the songs in the album?

    J: Since the song 'Let Me Love You' which became a hit in Sweden was sang by myself, the Swedish record company wanted Glenn to sing 5 songs and I 5. But how can I do that? How can I dare to intrude to sing 5 songs, knowing that Glenn will sing rest of the songs! I can't do such a stupid thing, so I wanted Glenn to sing all songs, but I got to sing 3 songs, and 1 out of those I sang with Joey Tempest. And I covered Thin Lizzy this time again. Putting Thin Lizzy's song in each of my album is being like a trademark. I myself think I can sing like Phil Lynott if I try.

    B: Who's the producer?

    J: I and Win Davis who produced Don Dokken. During the recording, he asked me, 'If Glenn had refused to sing, who do you think you'd asked?' and I answered, 'Nobody.' 'If Glenn won't do it, then I will not make the album. That's it. Well, if I'm forced to answer, there is the only one singer, David Coverdale. But it's gonna be difficult to have him sing. (laugh)

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