Glenn Hughes 1993 video Russia

  • Another diamond. Thanks Ad! :thumbup:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • The hairstyle reminds me of Hughes/Thrall times. Frankly, if you ask me, Glenn's pipes never sounded better than they do these days! :thumbup:

    Muscle and blood
    A right to live
    Coast to coast
    This time around
    Gettin' tighter
    You keep on moving
    Smoke on the water
    Georgia (on my mind)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Hey, I didn't know he came to Russia that early! And thanks for the full concert video, that's rare to find such a gem.

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