Significant new Deep Purple album in 2012 (official announcement)!

  • :cool: now what? - whatever as a new chapter !
    This is an DP album the fans were waiting a long time for, not only big grooves, big riffs, big screams but a round piece of music.
    Great songwriting, hard stuff lyrics, much of the Machine Head spirit, virtuously and free flying through different keys and styles, flashing up some Eagles... Doors.., much melodies and much more stories have been told.
    The hammond organ played by Don Airey is bony dry, noisy and creaky like an old castle's door, very dominant, good so.
    Ian Gillan sings as good like in the seventies, deeper of course but every note intense. Steve Morse' guitarplaying has got some really beautiful mystic moments, like flying colours, ha ha.
    The whole production sounds very directly, warm, human, showing the qualities of playing together musicians, you hear no machines.
    The great "into the face" sound reminds me of "Made In Japan" sometimes,
    the organ part in "Hell To Pay" for example.
    Bob Ezrin did a masterful job, you can hear how important the overall view and vision of a good producer is.
    And last but not least i'd say the album has got a lot of Jon Lords music.
    This band is in balance, and they are surprising again after all this time.

  • Now What ?! already gold in Russia. More gold to follow in outher countries I believe. Looking forward to the tour with lots of new songs!

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  • According to Roger Glover they should get to the studio for writing sessions during this summer and then during winter 14 or early 15 - back in the studio in Nashville for recording with Bob Ezrin again :cool:

  • Very good news Stormy. Can we expect the Purple guys for some concerts this fall or winter in our region???? would be nice, after Gelredome Arnhem 2011, Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam in 2012 en IJsselhal Zwolle in 2013, I am
    hoping for another fall/winter show the year. Hope they will make records and will tour for years and years to come.

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • Can we expect the Purple guys for some concerts this fall or winter in our region????

    Willem, I'm afraid we have been spoiled a bit with the tours over the last years. I don't think there will be a tour in the fall this year. Needless to say that I do wish to see them again.

    Anyway, I hope that the European dates for CaliBreed will be announced fairly soon :)

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