Significant new Deep Purple album in 2012 (official announcement)!

  • This from Geoff Barton, "Editor at Large" for Classic Rock magazine

    …Phew! Just taking a breather from writing a major Deep Purple Buyers Guide: a grand total of 21 studio and live releases, beginning with 1968's Shades Of… and finishing off with 2005's Rapture Of The Deep.
    The results will be published in a special hardback edition of Classic Rock (more about this in a future newsletter), celebrating the release of the Purps' brand new album NOW What?!
    Initial Buyers Guide findings: I'd forgotten what a fabulous record Fireball is and, against my better judgment, I'm really enjoying Slaves And Masters, featuring Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. (Even if it does sound like Bad Company playing Survivor's back catalogue!)

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  • earMusic has uploaded a clip about the photo shooting for the new album in Berlin during the tour 2012. Pics are from ace photographer Jim Rakete, who is also the former manager of Nena ("99 Red Balloons").

    You can also see how the few remainings of "The Wall" look nowadays.

    Heidi, I miss you on this video. I guess you would have loved to be in the position of the redhead... :p :D


    Purple Behind The Scenes NOW What?! Photoshoot in Berlin - YouTube[/ame]

  • Last weekend there were some more samples of the album on Argentina (?) music channel Vorterix. They played "Simple song, Weirdistan and Hell to pay (long version with long guitar solo and organ solo)". The Highway Star posted a link, but unfortunately the songs can't be heard now anymore, because they are removed. There are some reviews from fans who heard these songs and they are very enthousiastic. This must be the best Deep Purple material since Perfect Strangers. I can hardly believe it will be better thand House of Blue Light and Slaves and Masters (two very under rates albums).
    But for sure this will be the best studio album with Steve Morse:
    Fantastic :thumbup:

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  • Its matter of taste, but it will definately be better than House Of Blue Light and Slaves and Masters, because ALL Steve Morse albums are much better than those two albums which were just "not good" in case of HOBL (worst album with IG on vocals) and "not worthy of name Deep Purple"... in fact it would be below average Rainbow album.

    I heard the clips from argentinian radio, they played just clips from the 1st three songs (plus album version of Hell To Pay which ROCKS and Don´s mad keyboard solo in that song is highlight of the track!) and I would dare to say, that the last album with 3 so promising great songs was Machine Head with Highway Star / Maybe I´m A Leo and Pictures Of Home. No kidding! The clips sounded very very progressive, and Out Of Hand is going to be really groovy classic! Something like Purple´s Follow The Tears (from Heaven and Hell The Devil You Know album)...

  • Just in from Classic Rock!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Purple was at the breakfast show "Morgenmagazin" today on German TV. Right now I'm watching another show where they will perform live. :cool:

    This is the video link…purple-100.html

    Breakfast at the studio

  • Thanks, That was outstanding ! :claphands Great to see DP - even from a morning TV show!
    I should be grateful, I don't usually get to watch German Television ! :thumbup:

  • Another excellent performance - album release is just days away ! Still waiting for my Classic Rock 184 - Limited Edition Deep Purple foil cover Hardback ! :bouncer:

  • I have NOW WHat ?! since yesterday.. this album is absolutely terrific... :bouncer: the best one since.. OMG a long long time.. thanks to Mister Bob Ezrin to put everything together... :thumbup: :clapper: :clapper:

  • Another excellent performance - album release is just days away ! Still waiting for my Classic Rock 184 - Limited Edition Deep Purple foil cover Hardback ! :bouncer:

    You'll be pleased to know they have only printed 1000 copies so this could well rise in value :)

    But for those who havent ordered you can win a signed copy here :thumbup:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • This album is historic milestone! :clapper: The best one since Machine Head! Just killers, no fillers, phenomenal sound quality! :bow: :bow: :bow:

  • Great album, not a skip among them. Crystal clear sound. Progressive. Odes to times past. Splendid record :claphands

  • Finally the significant album is there is 2013. And significant it is. The best Purple album in a very long time and the best album with Steve Morse so far. Dedicated to our dear JON, the lord of Hammond. Gillan's best vocal performance since the seventies (?), Steve plays more bluesy and Don Airey is at his best. Roger steady as ever and very loud in the mix and Ian is still the best rock drummer in the world.
    Lot's of charts succes all over the world and they deserve it.
    And of course Bob Ezrin did an excellent job. The album is still growing and growing. NOW WHAT?!: simply the best. I am very happy with this.
    I like the artwork, simple but very strong :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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